By Merangue

I have been playing on this site since 2001. In over 10 years, I have won nothing but screensavers. I did win the Jackpot once but Pogo immediately changed my numbers. Another time my cards completely changed. It does make me think that Canadians cannot win on Pogo,com.

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    Gazpache says...

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    The jackpot isn’t numbers or cards that can be changed. The jackpot is via a spinner.

    I’ve won screensavers, backgrounds and gems on there and I’ve been there 10 years as well.

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    thatgengirl says...

    Pogo is famous for denying cash prizes on the grounds of “cheating.” People will contact the company regarding a prize, and receive an email stating that they have been disqualified for using computer software/programs to cheat. It’s impossible to either prove or disprove, so Pogo is pretty safe making the accusation. Google “pogo.com scam”

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    stephen says...

    why should you be any differant than anyone else

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    scafer13 says...

    i have over 2 million points and am unable to log on

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    terryjeannie6 says...

    i don’t what u are talking about i hardly play anymore if somebody is mad at me for beating them not my problem @ when i renewed my yearly pogo i was promist 100 gems never got them so that is why i will stop playing anything on pogo so take off temporarily suspended now by monday september 05 2011 or goodbye

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    john b. guy says...

    my year , is paid in full but have lost my pogo screan name being…ptg5586 can not find out what happen…my e-mail is yourunjohn@yahoo.ca

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    leoroy says...

    i won 20.00 on august 2005never received it

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    Helene says...

    I’m Canadian, have won twice. First a $5.00 CHEQUE, Last week a cheque for $200.oo. They do pay!

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