Coupon Refusal at Rexall Canada

By Tina

Recently there was a posting on Smart Canucks regarding using the Buy2/Save $5 coupons for the $1.44 Secret or Old Spice anti-perspirant to get them for free. I wanted to warn anyone planning on redeeming their coupons at Rexall that they will not be accepted if they are more than the value of the product. I found this out the hard way at the Barrie location.

I brought 7 items to the register so the total was $11.38, but she would not accept my 2 coupons as she would be “giving me money”. I pointed out that I would be giving her money as the total was over $10 and that Rexall would be re-imbursed the $10, but to no avail. I asked if she could adjust the coupon value to $2.88 instead of $5 so there would be no price difference but she said she couldn’t.  She then stated that taking the coupons for more than the price of the product would be “theft”. When I told her I took offence at being called a thief just because I am trying to use a coupon she said “Oh, not you, Rexall would have an internal investigation, so I would be in trouble”. She offered to help me choose Secret products that were not on sale so that I could use the coupons, which was very nice of her, but by then I had had enough Rexall for one day.

P.S. I redeemed both coupons the next day at Zehr’s. Secret $2.49 X 4 =$9.96-$10 coupon = -.04. I hope Zehr’s does not launch an internal investigation over those 4 cents.

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    Kendra says...

    That is terrible that she gave you such a hard time. I had no problem redeeming my coupons.

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    pluckychick says...

    Store was correct, sorry

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    PennySaved says...

    I ran into the same problem at Rexall trying to use the Buy 2 Save $3 coupons for the Old Spice - Upper Gage & Rymal in Hamilton. However, I was told that the Assistant Manager wouldn’t know how to do the paperwork. I mentioned to the cashier to ring the coupon in as 2.88 and the store would still get the same $3, but to no avail, as the cash+coupons at the end of the day would be over.

    I suppose it’s not good for a company to be over at the end of the day either?

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    rick says...

    The store was incorrect.Not her.

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    skambine says...

    No, the store was correct. Read the policy

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    Philana says...

    I redeemed my coupons at Rexall when the same Secret deodorant sale was on. I bought 5 deodorants and used 2 coupons - the buy 2 products get $5 off, and buy 3 products get $9 off. They did not give me any problmes at all. Sorry about your luck, I’m sure a different cashier would have rung your purchase through.

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    rick says...

    Whose policy? And if its Rexalls policy….THEY ARE WRONG.

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    Rexall wins this one says...

    Technically the store is right. All coupon redemptions are at their discretion. Coupons cannot exceed the price of the product, and you can’t just adjust the value. Do you change the value of your paper currency? Didn’t think so. You should have taken up her suggestion on finding Secret that wasn’t on sale so that the coupon value wouldn’t exceed the prices

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    Joe says...

    Stores do have the right to refuse/deny coupons at their discretion, and they legally can place conditions (ie no stacking, cannot be more than the price of the item, one per person) as well.
    Also, Secret legally cannot do anything or force Rexall to accept a coupon……it is against the law for a manufacturer to force a retailer to accept any coupon, or to punish one for refusing to accept them either.

    I just wish chain stores (including franchises) would be consistent in their policy. It’s the “really? my store accepted it, no problem” that causes so much confusion and frustration to consumers.

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    Daver says...

    This is the best thing I have ever heard. I wish I could get paid to use coupons. Why couldnt the store just call it a scratch. The manager couldnt just give her the deoderant and then balance the books later. This seems like it was to hard of a nut to crack for the team at rexall!

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    rachel says...

    What a shame. I used those coupons at Rexall when Old Spice was on for $1.44. I expected the cashier to give me a hard time, but he didn’t. He actually put the coupons in as $3.00 off. I wasn’t expecting that. Sorry for your bad experience…I noticed that at Rexall they manually type in the value of the coupon….I don’t see what the big deal is.

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    mia says...

    Today I went to Rexal and wanted to use my coupons but the assistant manager told me that he cannot do it because my coupon is $1 and he would take one for 0.50 because his store is in a business of making money not giving it away. I was so upset, I left all the merchandise there.
    They are so rude at Rexal.

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    gaiachaos says...

    Many customers are very ignorant and cheap. You cannot use a coupon with an item that is on sale. In other words, you cannot combine offers. The vendor will void the receipt (which the store sent) and the store will not be able to receive the money back. That is why many retail stores have that policy set in stone in the first place.

    Some cashiers won’t know this because they are most likely newbies. Some of you just lack common sense. :P

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