Amazing Customer Service From Clearly Contacts

By Ashley

I needed a new pair of glasses, as my new prescription I was given by my optometrist is stronger than my current prescription. I had heard a lot about Clearly Contacts on SC and other areas on the web, and decided to give them a try. I ordered two pairs, one regular pair of glasses, and one pair of sunglasses, and used the coupon code I found on SC. I received my order 4 days later, and the glasses were great quality!

However, the frames were too large for my face and didn’t look right on me. I called their customer service department (which has excellent hours too by the way!) and asked if I could return them and place a new order. She promptly sent me a prepaid Fedex label to ship them back, and said that they cover the cost of shipping for returns! The return process was quick and simple, and I was only on the phone for maybe 10 minutes. I placed a new order a few days ago and am waiting for my new glasses to arrive. I’m very happy with their customer service and the quality of the glasses they sell. I highly recommend them!


4 Responses to “Amazing Customer Service From Clearly Contacts”

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    Lynn says...

    Ashley above rec’d far better customer service than I have rec’d. I’m waiting after returning a problem pair of glasses (decorative piece missing.) They promised contact 5-10 days later but it’s been a month now, I can get no response.

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    Love&Joy says...

    Did you try calling them back? or try FB. I know they are on FaceBook and you can post on their wall there or email them and they should get back to you asap. Don’t forget to give them your order number. i hope this helps.

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    Big Bob says...

    Hi Lynn, I was wondering if your situation has been solved yet.

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    kobe says...

    great customer service, I have been shopping on them for almost 3 years. So far so good

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