Return Refused at Canadian Tire

By Sela

I bought a treadmill a week ago. On the first hour of use I noticed that the running belt keep coming of center and the equipment makes to much noise. I tried to contact TEMPO the manufacturer. Initially there was a recording saying we are experiencing high volume calls please call us again in the next business days.

I tried again and again when I finally was waiting for the a representative. After waiting for 45 minutes my call was disconnected.In the next day after the purchase I went back to the Canadian Tire that I bought the equipment from. For my surprise the manager said that they wouldn’t do a refund!!!

They said that a RA (return authorization) was needed from the manufacturer and that would take fewdays. Now after many calls they are saying that I should deal this the manufacturer. No return for this item!!!


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    Terri says...

    pls let me know if it was a horizon treadmill you purchased

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    dawn says...

    Do not let the manager at that store get away with this . you need to write Canadian tire head office tell them all this . we have one of the storage tents they sell shelter logic just after the warranty went off we had a problem they the maker of it told us that they do not last that long and they would not replace the part [door] that we needed so we sent an e-mail to head office Canadian tire and just a sort time later we were told that they would have the company send us out a new one and not just the door but a new tent they said that they would not put up with that when the replacement came in they charged us the shipping cost we again e-mailed Canadian tire and we were sent a gift card for the cost of the shipping . it may not help to write them but you have nothing to lose .

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    jona says...

    if a belt is coming off center it means the belt isn’t at the proper tension. look at your manuel and it will easily tell you how to correct this. The treadmill will be louder if its not at the correct tension as the belt is likely rubbing. Treadmill are loud, first from the motor and second the belt travelling over the deck…..

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    jona says...

    here is the link to tempo’s website and online manuals

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    samantha says...

    I had the same problem with a solar panel kit….Mine got smashed ontop of my motorhome in hail so I figured I would buy one from CT…..took it camping and opened the box only to discover everything except the actual solar panel was missing from the box!!!!! So when we returned from camping I took it in and they told me I had to take it up with the manufacturer….I told them no way…they had something on their shelves that was not complete and it is not my problem to deal with it…..I told them I put my trust in them that they are selling me a complete package etc….anyway the manager was quite pi$$y to say the least, I think I frightened him a bit and I refused to leave before I got my money back….it took a while but finally I did get it back but it has jaded my view of CT and I am always sure that I check the packages now before I buy anything there…..I personally think their customer service, staff and managers are clueless! (This was at CT Okotoks AB)

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    anita says...

    I bought a jeep mongoose from canadian tire in Steinbach. I decided about 1 1/2 months later to get the boy’s version instead! So I brought it back with reciept(box hadn’t even been open was supposed to be christmas gift) anyways, the guy asked if I wanted cash back! I said well whatever I just didn’t bring the difference for the other one. So I got a store credit. I’d never even heard of these, either way, I read numourous terrible reviews about the mongoose raider and decided to just get my cash back. Now I can’t get it back. I can only use it at their store in steinbach! The lady asked me what changed my mind about the jeep and I said its garbage. AND… She AGREED! But still refuse to give money back! $200! Gone! Then I find out there’s an expiry date on MY $$! I will never buy anything from them again! They said I never should have gotten anything back cuz their policy is only 7 day. Anything after that is “repair only”. I had no idea! Never even heard that one!!! Very sad that a multi-million dollar company must force customers to buy there and buy “garbage” very disappointing!

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    Jason says...

    In terms of the RA (return authorization) number, it’s needed to ensure that the store isn’t out hundreds of dollars on an item that the manufacturer hasn’t deemed suitable to take back. Each CT is owned individually, so they do absorb a lot of those losses on their own.. if it’s a tension issue, what would have been better was to call/go to the store to explain the problem.. or read the manual instead of trying to return it.. most of the Tempo or Horizon models explain to call them if there’s an issue around damages or repairs needed.. so they can give the store an RA number so it’s okay to be returned.

    I work at a CT in southern Ontario.. and when i worked in sports, this was a perennial problem. A similar warranty exists for ‘lifetime warranty’ taps. an RA number is needed to get a new one.

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    Daver says...

    I bought a bike from Canadian Tire and 1 year later I had it serviced at a different bike shop…it cost me $150.00 to fix it because “it was put together wrong”. I called Canadian Tire, and without a reciept or even seeing the bike, they said “as a gesture of customer service, we would gladly reimburse you”. I faxed in the receipt from the bike shop and they paid me back. I was actually surprised because if the table were turned, I am not sure that I would have just taken my word for it!!!
    Don’t give up!!!!

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    David says...


    If you work at a CT in Ontario, I’m surprised you don’t know about the Sale of Goods Act of 2002. It stated that the seller (Canadian Tire, in this case), has an implied warranty of fitness for the product, so if it is defective, it is up to CT to provide a refund (and not just a replacement or store credit).

    The Return Authorization nonsense is something that the store has to work through with the manufacturer; the customer doesn’t have to deal with any of this.

    That being said, stores have been known to attempt to deny customers their right to a refund, and force the unlucky purchaser to sue the store to get their money back (less the cost of filing the suit).

    It’s unfortunate for the stores that legislation like this has been passed, but good for the consumer. Maybe stores will stop selling junk?

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    Josh Wallace says...

    I bought a bicycle for my daughter in the fall. When my daughter tried it out the chain kept coming off. Plus, the front fender had been installed incorrectly and kept sliding down the wheel, jamming it. I removed the fender and tried to see what was wrong with the chain, but found nothing obvious. A few days later, I tried to return the bike.

    The local store (Canadian tire on St-Jacques West in Montreal) said it did not take back bikes. Nothing in its posted “East Return” policy suggested this. The standard receipt says that returned ideas must not have been “used,” however the bike did not look used. It appeared to be in the same condition as when I had bought it, although I had removed the defective fender (and tried to return it along with the bike: a nut was missing that I did not have).

    Customer service eventually promised the bike would be repaired so I left it and after a number of calls where I was put on hold was told, two months later, that the bike had been fixed.

    I tried out the bike in the parking lot and the chain immediately came off in normal riding. I put it back on and it came off again. I waited a long time at customer service and was finally told that I could exchange that bike for another.

    But at the bike counter, the representative refused. He walked with me to customer service and told me that I simply had to remove the key link from the chain and could shorten and tighten the chain. I asked him why his repair people hadn’t done that. He said if I left it another week, they would. I said I was tired of wasting time, I wanted my money back or an exchange.

    He refused.

    Since I didn’t want unnecessary problems and thought perhaps I could do the repair myself, I asked him which link I should remove and what tool I should use to do so. I remembered back to my youth that there was a fat link, but I didn’t recall the procedure.

    He seemed exasperated, told me to get the bike out of people’s way (it wasn’t) and that he wasn’t going to touch the chain with his hands (I didn’t ask him to).

    As I turned the chain, he walked off. I continued examining the chain, but couldn’t find a master link.

    By then, I was angry. I went back to customer service and, seeing a long, long line, shouted, I want my money back and want to get out of the store!

    Customer service told me to calm down. I said I’ve spent many hours on this defective bicycle and I despise the disrespectful attitude of the bicycle department representative. In fact, I used stronger language than that. I got loud and a crowd began gathering. I was so heated up about this in fact, I began sputtering and gasping for breath.

    At this point, when I seemed apoplectic, Canadian Tire suddenly changed its tune, the store manager came over, apologized and quickly refunded my money, telling me he was making an “exception” for me.

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    Rebecca says...


    My friend recently purchased an eliptical machine from a local Canadian Tire and the first page in the manual states that once the product is assembled that we must deal with the manufactor for problems. As far as I see it, we have been informed how the warranty works and if something breaks on it then we shouldn’t be taking it back to Canadian Tire. It also stated on the receipt (right under where the product code was) that there was a specific warranty that we must read before assembling the item. I think that is enough notice of warranty for a consumer, if you don’t like it return the item in the box unassembled as it says you can.
    I see Jason’s point about the return authorization number and I previously worked in a retail store that had to get approval for large returns such as excerise equipment. It usually takes just one day to get ahold of them (since we were on the West coast and the company on the East). So if Canadian Tire is taking more than that, talk to a manager.

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    Cherri says...

    Sounds like the manager should have escorted you out the door Josh, no excuse for that kind of behaviout. You should get some help for that anger.

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    kerry says...

    It must of been frustrating,and sometimes it takes a temper tantrum to get results..

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    David says...


    If you and your friend are happy to follow the warranty policies that the manufacturer and the retailer have worked out, that’s just fine. I’m not saying you HAVE to persue a refund, if you and your friend don’t want one.

    However, if there are others who do want the refund to which they are entitled, for a defective product, why are you suggesting that they just cave in, and go along with what Canadian Tire wants?

    I’m not saying that the purchaser didn’t get proper warning of the manufacturer’s warranty, etc.

    But I would definitely say that they did not get any information about their rights under the CPA, and you seem to be discouraging people from asserting their rights.

    Frankly, you sound more like a store owner, than a fellow consumer.

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    Joe Blow says...

    I can tell you I’m not a store owner but have worked retail in the past and agree with Rebecca completely. At the end of the day all I ask is that in the event the manufacturer does not look after me properly, than the place I bought it from honour my purchase. Manufacturers warranty is provided by the manufacturer and not the store you purchase from. It’s not a difficult concept…If you have trouble understanding that, I am sure someone could explain it to you using small words.

    Frankly Dave you sound like a lazy primadonna who wants everything done for him and is not willing to accept any responsibility in any situation.

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    tudorchick says...

    frankly joe you seem like the type to just troll this whole review section with no actual constructive talk,but to call down those involved,no matter the situation..perhaps,it is you that needs to get a life

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    tudorchick says...

    as for the OP,you may not be able to get a return,but you may atleast be able to get a similar item.if it was a week after and you still had a receipt.i bought a camera and didnt open it for a month after i bought it,and found the lcd screen had a small but noticeable speck on it.i figured it had to be dust or soemthing..nope.cleaned it and everything but realized the speck was something inside the screen.i didnt expect a return..i went back and exchanged probelms.i had a receipt..they should atleast try to accomodate you that soon after purchase…

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    Joe Blow says...

    Troll? Meh. I’ve been called worse. My comments were actually directed straight at David. The original poster had a legitimate complaint and presented herself in a clear, concise manner. Just the facts and very little whine.

    Dave here though needs to rally against the man…How dare Canadian Tire ask that he follow the manufacturers return policy. Every company has the same agreements with their manufacturers. Buy a wash machine at Sears. A drill at Home Depot. A computer at Best Buy. However he’s entitled to feel how he wants and I would have trolled on by…Until his very last comment…

    “Frankly, you sound more like a store owner, than a fellow consumer.”

    Rebecca offered some sound arguments and suggestions in a polite manner and he takes a pot shot. I guess he figures you’re either with us or against us. He doesn’t stop to think that even if she is a store owner…She is still a consumer. He just doesn’t like people that don’t agree with everything he has to say.

    Anyhoo…Not having a life…A trolling I will go…

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    David says...

    It’s funny how strongly people will defend a retailer’s “right” to ignor the laws and cheat consumers.

    If there’s nothing wrong with the product, and the customer just changes their mind, then it’s fine for the store to rely on their policies, provided these were made known to the customer before the purchase.

    But if the product is defective, or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, then the law kicks in, regardless of what the retailer and their employees (like “Joe Blow”) would like.

    It matters not what the Manufacturer would like, because it’s the Retailer’s responsiblity, under the Sale of Goods Act and the Consumer Protection Act. Sorry, Joe!

    It also doesn’t matter what Mr. Blow thinks of consumers who know their rights, or whether J.B. doesn’t like their tone. The consumers have right.

    Indeed, you are either with the consumer, or with the retailers.

    It’s clear which side Joe is on. Best not to take the retailers’ point of view when deciding if you should get a refund or not!

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    Paul says...

    I bought a Breadman Breadmaker at Canadian Tire in Chilliwack, BC used it twice and it may have been my inability to make good bread but wound up with bread that really was not edible. Returned the machine to Canadian Tire and told them I was not happy with the product and they asked if I had used it. Trying to be honest I told them the problem and I was told that they could not refund my money but that they would exchange it for another machine. Their reason was that no one else would want to buy a used product and this is why they could not give me a refund. I suggested that this made no sense at all if they were prepare to give me another machine. If the reason really was that no one else would buy it then how did this help in giving me another machine. I told them that this was not explained to me when I bought the machine nor was it on my bill. I had returned the product in 7 days in same packaging all undamaged. Lesson to be remembered, do not tell Canadian Tire the truth. If there is a next time tell them you have not used the product.

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