Ripped off at Sears Canada


I’ve shopped at Sears Canada for over 25 years. Even though their prices are often a little higher, their money-back guarantee made it worth while. But apparently they no longer guarantee their products.

I purchased a pair of slippers for my grandmother as a gift. She needed one size bigger so I ordered a larger size through the catalogue and planned to return the other slippers on pick-up. Well, they refused to take the slippers back because I missed a deadline I didn’t even know about by 5 days. Even though I explained it was a gift and I was ordering the same slippers one size larger (so I wasn’t asking for my money back), they wouldn’t budge.

So now I’m out $52.00 and Sears no longer has a loyal customer! In the past 25 years I have purchased furniture, appliances and clothing through Sears because I could count on the fact that they back their products. But that is no longer true and therefore they won’t be getting any of my business in the future!

Unfortunately in not even offering an exchange they have a return policy that is less then some of the worst stores in Canada. Shame on you Sears!


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    Zay says...

    Did you speak to a store manager? Try that and see if they will give you store credit at least. I do hope you get something because it doesn’t seem fair.

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    Ashley says...

    I agree with Zay, that does not seem fair at all. Understandable they have a policy to follow, but if you were only 5 days outside of the that, the very least they could do is give you a store credit. I’ve worked retail before, and my store manager at the time was almost always willing to make an exception to the policy if a customer was returning an item only a few days outside of the return policy.

    Definitely call and calmly speak to the store manager, and just let them know that you’ve been a customer for many years, and all you’d like is an exchange or store credit.

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    Delynn says...

    I no longer shop at Sears, because I had a problem with my engagement ring. my husband bought it threw that catalog and I didn’t have it very long and the whole top part of the ring (diamond and the claws) fell off. so I told it back and, they told me I couldn’t return it witch I told them I didn’t want to return it All that I wanted was to get it fixed. they told me that they didn’t do that.. So I asked if I took it and got if fixed to someone else, would they pay for it me. that said no…..and that was almost 8 years ago…. and the only time I go in to a sears store is if someone give me a sears gift card as a gift…..So you re not the only one that don’t shop there….it is said but Walmart is a lot cheaper then them anyways….

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    Iamresponsibleformyownactions says...

    “*I* missed a deadline *I* didn’t even know about by 5 days”

    How is sears “ripping you off”??? God take some personal responsibility for your own mistakes

    You had THIRTY days to return them. How long do you expect them to let you borrow their merchandise and return it? Zellers is…30 days. Walmart is…30 days. Its people like you that made them all do that

    Its no ones fault but your own that you didn’t return them within a month. No one is ripping you off.

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    dawn says...

    You have 90 days to make a RT did you call customer service to get the ok to RT some times you have to do that now .

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    dawn says...

    Just did a little looking and you do have 90 days if you use your sears card or gift cards 30 days for other ways of payment if you do not believe this look in the wish book for the insert on 4 x the club points all the polices are listed in it also all catalogs have the rt polices

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    Joe says...

    Iamresponsibleformyownactions, it is 90 days for catalogue purchases, not 30.
    Seems very generous to me.

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    speedy-t says...

    @Joe… it’s 90 days if you use their credit card.
    Get your facts straight.

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    Fifi Trixibelle says...

    So, it stayed at home for 95 or so days before being returned. Sorry, you could have made it to a store or a catalogue outlet before that.

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    sally says...

    Am I missing something? Even the outlet has a 10 day return window. Everything else is quite a bit longer. I’m not quite sure why you couldnt return them but you’ve been sadly misinformed.

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    Roche Runo says...

    Yes outlet stores have a 10 return window because they dont have the space to store items for longer than that.

    Sears cards gets 90 days cause the make more money if you use their own card
    Other Credit cards and COD items are 30 days

    Customer should always ask for the return time to be written down and signed by the clerk or stamped with the store number. Then you have proof

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    Ciel says...

    Store receipts have tiny print on the reverse side about the returns policy and it tends to be in soft colour.
    Catalogue orders–aside from the labels that come with the order, the register slip is only generated if you are paying by debit/cash. There may be posted signs on the wall about the returns.
    Usually buried in the middle of a catalogue is the fine print about the returns/handling fees/shipping.

    Sears Canada Inc. Return Policy

    Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return your purchase with your receipt for an exchange or refund within 90 days when purchased on your Sears Card, Sears MasterCard or Sears Gift Card.

    Items purchased with any other method may be exchanged or refunded within 30 days.
    Outlet/Liquidation Store
    No returns or refunds

    Sears Outlet website /
    A receipt or proof of purchase is required for Merchandise purchased on the outlet site. Purchases must be returned within 10 days of delivery / pickup of order providing that they are in new and unused condition, with all original packaging, accessories, instructions, etc.

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