Brilliant Customer Service at Rexall Pharma Plus (Thorold, ON)

by Fraser Dean

I went into the store to pickup some different items which included several printables for glade products. I entered and recieved a hello and a huge smile. When I was finally finished shopping I had countless coupons and the cashier knew this would take closer to 20 minutes before she was done ringing me up. Instead of the usual dirty stare and sly comments from normal cashiers, she just gave me a smile. While she was ringing the coupons in there was a problem with one as it wouldnt scan. She called the manager and he actually printed out another coupon for me so I could get my 20% off. She also told me that in their flyer there was an additional $2.00 off coupon I could use! The customer service they provided me is such that is not seen in any other stores. This store is at the top when it comes to customer service. Any person living in either Thorold, St. Catharines, or any nearby Niagara town/city should really come to the Rexall Pharma Plus in Thorold when looking for a great store with superb customer service.

7 Responses to “Brilliant Customer Service at Rexall Pharma Plus (Thorold, ON)”

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    Adrenalyne says...

    I love Pharma Plus, I go to the one at Hazeldean Mall in Kanata and have great friendly & helpful service every time I shop there.

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    ladyb says...

    I printed this off last week and dropped it off at the store. The clerks were quite pleased!

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    Sherif in Mississauga says...

    Amazing. I cant remember the last time I got good customer service anywhere.

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    Gajendra says...

    Nice review. Well written article and good to communicate that one to others. I am a professional blogger and working in the brand analytics area. I hope more good reviews from your side.


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    rclayton1 says...

    I have been to that location many times- and I agree they are great! The Welland location one on Lincoln/King Streets is the same level of excellence. And THEY ALWAYS take the coupons.

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    just a guy says...

    Not the experience I have in other stores. It all boils down to who they hire and how they are trained.

  7. I use the Rexall at 3204 Yonge St. The only reason I do is because of the Pharmacy. Farzaneh and Julian are the best Pharmacists I have ever dealt with. I spend a great deal of money in this store and it has been worth every penny. Unfortunately I seem to have many scripts, I am much more confident about doing so because these two Pharmacist explain clearly to me everything I need to know. I literally trust them with my life. As well. Sherry is always friendly and helpful with any questions I have. Because of the Pharmacy I use this store frequently. I am an extremely happy client!

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