Good Food Box: You can save money and still eat well

by Sean OQuinn

If you live in Brantford Ontario you have to try a Good Food Box. You can save money and still eat well. High Quality Fruits and Vegetables are bought in bulk at wholesale prices and then the savings are passed on to YOU (The Customer.) You can order a Family Box that is suitable for 4-5 people for $15. Or you can buy a Single Box that is suitable for 1-2 people for $10. Anyone can Participate. If you have $10 or $15 dollars at the beginning of the month you will be able to pick up your Good Food Box by the third week of the month. Every month the boxes are filled with fresh produce grown as locally as possible. Each box will contain staple items such as potatoes, carrots, onions and apples. They choose the other items according to season availability and price. A example of a Good Food Box would be: Apples, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Carrots, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Oranges, Bunch of Celery, Bananas, Pears and Romaine Lettuce.  A monthly newsletter is provided with each
box. The Newsletter includes information on featured fruits and vegetables, easy recipes to try and storage tips to stretch your food dollar.

For More Information contact the Good Food Coordinator at 519-751-4357 ext.41. Suite 103-A 1100 Clarence St. Brantford, ON

12 Responses to “Good Food Box: You can save money and still eat well”

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    crazycoupongirl says...

    Hi, Im wondering if this is only for the local area of Brantford or also other areas?

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    sooboy says...

    Hey Crazy
    I am in Barrie and I know that we have the Good Food Box program here and when I lived in Toronto it was offered there at several locations as well. Not sure where you are but either a Google search or if your community offers the 211 phone service they should be able to help you as well.
    Suppose to be a great program and one I have been wanting to use myself but keep forgetting to do
    Hope you find soemthing

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    Draggy says...

    I tried this once in ottawa ontario and I was horrified! The fruit was all bruised and gross and the vegtables looked like they were weeks old! I will never order from them again!

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    Ottgrrl says...

    I don’t want to start anything here but is the good food box program not for low income families in need? I was told the program in Ottawa you ahd to provide proof of low income. I’m all for saving money from the companies but idk bout this one.

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    Sarah says...

    Guelph, ON has this same program, except its not called the same thing, it can be found through the Guelph Community Health Centre, its called the Garden Fresh Box

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    nkm says...

    No, it’s not just for low income families. It’s for anyone who would like to participate. and it’s a great value!

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    katkat says...

    Almost all cities in ontario has this in some form or other now. The vary in requirements, cost, and qaulity apparantly. They get it so cheap by bulk buying. Its a good deal,

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    Jasminebed says...

    In Kingston, Ontario, the Good Food Box is managed by the North Kingston Community Health Centre, 613 542-2813.

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    lady_arianna says...

    there is many parts of canada that have good food boxes, i live on vancouver island and i know of at least 3 communities that have it. In some areas there is a mixed fruit and veggie, a fruit only, and the option of organic. my local one just has the one selection, mixed, cost $10 each and the more that are bought that month the more food, this month i bought 9, several of my family members don’t have the program where they live and were jealous. i was getting 1 for myself so i asked if they wanted one, and so 8 boxes later. the person who took my order was like why so many? i love them, never had bad/ bruised/ yucky looking food so far in the 2 years off and on that i have gotten it. and the ones that are on the island are not for just low income, they say the more people who orders the more the people who really need it benefit. all they need is the money, name and phone number (to call you in case you forget b.c of mommy brain, not speaking from experience there i swear)

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    JSKINGSTON says...

    The good food box is not only to save money.

    It is a way to get local vegetables, therefore lowering your carbon footprint!!!

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    frustrated says...

    Does any one know of a good food box programe in the Niagara Region. I live in Port Colborne and was advised by the Dr to sign up for the good food box programe and I have no idea were ther eis one in the region. His is at his office in Hamilton and it wouldn’t be worth my while to drive there to pick one up.

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    InKingston says...

    @ frustrated
    Try looking for a pick-up site through this link: - don’t know how recently the site was updated byt it ways there is one in Port Colborne.
    It also may be helpful to contact the health unit nearest to you as our public health unit in Kingston is involved in the program.
    Good luck!

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