Weedman Bad Lawn Service (again)

Worst Experience of a life time!! Dont ever go to Weedman for any services!!!

I had to explained my situation to multiple customer service representatives and was really unhappy as a customer for the bad service that I received from Weed Man.Finally I gave up and wrote a letter to Weedman head office hoping that with the letter, one of the management personnel would be able to help me out, but was I mistaken!!! Management office is a face for all the rip-offs that happen!!!
Here is my story, I am sharing it so that you can learn from my mistake and never go to Weedman!!
In May 2011, I called and spoke to one of their customer service representatives and asked her to advise me of a service for my lawn. I explained to her that the soil is dead and needs to be revived through aeration and cultivation. I asked her if Weed Man would be able to help.
The representative told me that Weed Man does everything related to the lawn and would definitely be able to aerate and cultivate and then fertilize the lawn. She offered me a package for that and I agreed.
A few days later, my mom told me that she saw a guy in the back yard who was throwing seeds on the dead lawn. When my mom went out to ask who he was and why he didn’t ring the doorbell, he very rudely told her that “we don’t ring doorbells” and handed her a bag of seeds and told her to put them on the lawn later on in the day. My mom of course got confused and called me.
When I heard what had happened from my mom, I called Weed Man right away and asked them about what was going on and why we did not get the service we requested. The customer service rep was extremely rude and told me that “Weed Man is not a plough company and I should have known that going in”. I asked her to cancel my contract and put me through to her supervisor. She never put me through to her supervisor.
Ever since then, I have received thousands of phone calls from Weed Man asking for payment of the contract. For the first one month I used to explain what happened to their customer service representative and after listening to my story they would promise with me to get management attention but when I would receive the next phone call, the next customer service representative would start from scratch, demanding that I pay the $x invoice. Eventually I stopped taking their calls because I got extremely frustrated with this entire process.
I did not know that their customer service was at a level this low that all it cares for is a $X invoice that needs to be paid and has no concern what so ever about how unhappy your customer is. Regardless of what happened with that invoice was inconsequential as they had not only lost me as their customer for the rest of my life but I will make sure to pass the word around to everybody that I know. I will not want my friends and family members to go through the same level of stress and frustration I went through over the last 6 months where I received a call from them every single day and I literally mean EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY!! I would also like you to note that they probably spent more money on hiring employees to call me all the time than the total value of my invoice.
To summarize,
- I was misguided by their customer service rep about the services that Weed Man provides
- My mother was dealt rudely with by their staff who came out to our home and he did not take the time to explain the procedure to my mom at all
- I have been harassed for the last 6 months every single day of my life to make this payment of $x without paying any attention to why I am not making the payment, even when I have explained it multiple times
- I am being asked to pay for a service that I never got
- I have been dealt with in a disrespectful manner by their staff at different occasions who were trying to collect money from me

I expected that somebody at Weed Man would have the courtesy to take a look into this matter for me and stop harassing me any further after I had sent them the letter. Instead, their calls became more violent. They did receive my letter because they called me to tell me that they received my letter but they disagree with my comments. Of course, they disagreed with my comments because truth is always harsh!!

Bottom line, DON’T EVER GO TO WEEDMAN!!!

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    rob says...

    I have a collection company after me - they called 2 times a day - six days a week.
    The law here says that they can only call 3 times a week(i told them that and they stopped).

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    rob says...

    every day for six months thats hurashment - call your government reps and ask what the law is.

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    nick says...

    Marketplace (CBC) produced a full show on this unscrupulous company around the second week of Feb/12. I imagine you could still downstream it on their site.

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    Madiha says...

    Thanks. This post helped as we were trying to get ‘weedman’ for our lawn this summer.

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    SH says...

    Weedman is the worst. We dealt with them 2-3 years ago and then switched companies the following year. WITHOUT ASKING US FIRST, or confirming in any way, they turned up and did a treatment on our lawn, that had already been treated by the other company. They then requested payment, even though they potentially caused damage to our lawn. We explained we were using another company. They then repeated this another time!!!
    Ever since they have repeatedly harassed us claiming that they have a contract with us (no such thing, we made it clear many times that we no longer wished to deal with them). I told them more than once on the phone to not call any more. Finally a month or so ago I told them that if they called any more we would consider it harassment. I followed this up with an e-mail. So far they have not called back but I wouldn’t be surprised to receive another phone call at some time. TRUST ME, do not deal with this company or they will never leave you along.

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    Isaac says...

    I also had the worst experience with Weed Man.
    They have un qualified new immigrants(Arabs).
    They did nothing, the lawn is I a worst condition after there treatment
    I maid the check 3 times and canceled it out of anger.
    When my Gardner sow them on my lawn, he warned me as he had other customers who had the same experience with them.
    Watch out, they are cone artist

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