Sears Canada: Area Rug Issue

By Cynthia

I have called Sears at the Promenade Mall complaining for the last 2-months that my rug smells . I was told by an employee that her manager said it is the glue that has dried up. When I lifted the corner of the rug up there was all this white stuff (like sand) on the floor.

I have kept calling the manager to call me back and of course no call back. I have left another message yesturday that if he does not call me I will take appropriate action, and I gave him till the middle of next week to call me . This odor is not healthy.

3 Responses to “Sears Canada: Area Rug Issue”

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    Joe says...

    My rug (not from Sears) has the same issue - a white, “sand”-like grain on the bottom. I keep vacuuming it but it keeps coming back. Though my rug has no odour at all, not even a little.

    How old is your rug?

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    sampler says...

    My rug did the same (white sand underneath)…I got it from Ikea… I was sick of the sand so I wrapped it up and placed it in the garage.

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    Roche Runo says...

    Sadly if you are past the 3 days buyers remorse period the warrenty doesnt cover that. The rug is still able to do what is was designed to do.

    If you can get a professional to veryify that the powered is indeed not healthy then the product would be replaced no matter what state you warrenty is.

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