Rude Customer Service at Walmart

By tmlskk01

I had bought a lamp back in september from my local walmart it was a cheap lamp ( standing, three bulbs with plastic covers) last night I came into my room and all could smell was burning plastic I discovered that one of the covers had come loose and fell onto the bulb and was melting. I called walmart and asked to speak to a manager and explained the situationm I told him that I did not have a receipt but I would like an exchange since the lamp was faulty and could have burned down my home. the manager pretty much laughed and called me a scammer saying I could have gotten the lamp at a thrift store for all he knew and that he would do nothing for me. understand that theres nothing he could do but to make me feel bad for something I didnt even do is unacceptable and he didnt even say he was sorry or anything. I am so fed up with walmart.


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    Hmmm says...

    I’m sorry the manager was rude to you. But he is right, for all he knows you could have bought the lamp from a thrift store. Without a receipt, what did you expect the store to do for you? It’s important to keep receipts for items you purchase, in the event something like this happens. A lot of stores will not exchange or return an item without proof of purchase. If you purchased the map by credit card or debit card, maybe they will be able to lookup your receipt from that.

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    Hmmm says...

    Oops, if you purchased the “lamp” by credit card…

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    Amanda says...

    I really think corporate advises them to do the minimum amount possible for everything from for their employees to customer service. So without a receipt they won’t do anything….even if they are the only company to sell that model lamp in your city. I find it pretty arrogant. I don’t shop there.

    My two sense if you hate Walmart or just have bad experiences there don’t shop there. Tell all your friends why not to shop there. Yes they’re enormous….and so its hard to make a dent in their profit margin but I think we can.

    Lets not shop at Walmart folks!

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    kathy says...

    I purchased a “Green” fabric softener at Walmart that did not disolve in my washing machine, in fact it left huge gobs of the stuff on my clothes. I took the bottle back to Walmart and had a similar response from the customer service desk. I was so mad I left the bottle behind since they would not exchange it. I wrote to the Corporate office with my complaint and got a call from the Walmart concerned with an apology and a vouvher for $25.00, so it does pay to complain to the right people.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    That is another reason why I would never shop at Walmart. I would be embarrassed even walking in that store.

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    Big Bob says...

    September?!?!?! really?? over 4 months and you think you should get a new one? unreal.

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    Joe Blow says...

    Wow! Listen to yourself. A)You admit it’s a cheap lamp. B)You didn’t keep your reciept. C)It’s about 4 months since you bought it. I’m assuming you’re an adult (I say assuming because you complain like a spoiled child). Think for a second…Most places have a 1-3 month return policy and most places require a receipt for a return. At what point did being a “consumer” who deserves quality customer service, turn into I have no responsibilty in the situation whatsoever? YOU are responsible for hanging on to your receipt and to know the policies regarding returns. If you can’t handle something so simple, become a shut in and let someone else do your shopping for you. I too am a consumer and I know enough to hang on to my receipts. Most retail establishments will make sure you are looked after if you have a receipt. Walmart drives me nuts too. However the fault here is yours 100%. Learn to accept a little responsibility for your actions and beware buying “cheap” merchandise. And as was said before, if you are unhappy with the service…Don’t shop there. Simple.

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    Joe says...

    @the OP:
    Store managers can get a little rough-around-the-edges, as you personally experienced. In a store as big as Walmart, the manager is going to be dealing with arguments and problems all day - from staff, customers, vendors, the warehouse, H.O., etc, so they develop a very thick skin. It isn’t surprising he was so abrupt; having worked in an environment like that, I can attest that the “F” word becomes part of their everyday dialogue.

    I understand why they wouldn’t exchange it; but I agree, he shouldn’t have accused you of being a scammer. Try not to take it personally; it is just a side-effect of where they work and how they deal with situations.It’s kind of like really rude bus drivers; the nature of their job makes it very easy to get into a bad mood.

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    Iwannadeal says...

    Joe–A manager is in the field of customer service and should behave in a professional manner. If he doesn’t have customer service skills, he should find another occupation. However, to the original poster–Always Save Your Receipts.

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    Joe says...

    I don’t think you are qualified to decide who should work in what industry; it is Walmart’s decision, not yours.
    I was just trying to reassure the OP that his abruptness wasn’t a personal attack against her, but rather a side-effect of dealing with know-it-all customers who lecture on who should be working where and how they should be doing their job (sound familiar?).

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    Joe Blow says...

    (sorry if this posts twice. 1st didn’t show up)

    Wow! Listen to yourself.

    A)You admit it’s a cheap lamp. B)You didn’t keep your reciept. C)It’s about 4 months since you bought it. I’m assuming you’re an adult (I say assuming because you complain like a spoiled child), so think for a second…Most places have a 1-3 month return policy and most places require a receipt for a return. At what point did being a “consumer” who deserves quality customer service, turn into I have no responsibilty in the situation whatsoever?

    YOU are responsible for hanging on to your receipt and to know the policies regarding returns. If you can’t handle something so simple, become a shut in and let someone else do your shopping for you.

    I too am a consumer and I know enough to hang on to my receipts. Most retail establishments will make sure you are looked after if you have a receipt. Walmart drives me nuts too. However the fault here is yours 100%. Learn to accept a little responsibility for your actions and beware buying “cheap” merchandise. And as was said before, if you are unhappy with the service…Don’t shop there. Simple.

    In regards to what the manager said…There is a difference between “pretty much laughed” and laughing. If he was unprofessional than that was wrong. However based on what you wrote, I am going out on a limb here and figure you just didn’t like what he had to say, so you are laying the blame at his feet.

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    chris says...

    The manager should not have treated you that way. I’d contact Head office. Even if they couldn’t exchange it they should be aware of his attitude and that a lamp bought at their stores is dangerous. I would be contacting the company that made the lamp and Health Canada. It could have caught fire or the lamp could have fallen over and gotten hot plastic on someone. It may be a product that has on going issues and shouldn’t be on the shelves.

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    Ashley says...

    I agree that with out the receipt there is little they could do…however at the bare minimum the store manager should treat all customers (past and potential) with respect and should apologize.

    He should have also offered you some advice on how you can go about the situation by getting you the information so you could call the company that makes the lamps.

    I work in the customer service industry and the customer should always leave feeling like you cared about what they said.

    I haven’t shopped at wal-mart for anything major in at least 6 months…my family shops there occasionally but that’s only when we can’t get something somewhere else.

    I really just refuse to make wal-mart my first stop.

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    Rainyel says...

    even the lamp is bought 4 months ago, it is not supposed to melt like that. They are all supposed to pass the fire testing or something when they get imports to Canada. She’s lucky that it didn’t burn down the house…could be a lot worst!

    Here’s what you do, the next time you complaint about something.

    1. take picture of the product that malfunction as photo evidence.

    2. Record the entire conversation you have and if they behave badly, you can either sent a copy of this tape to Walmart (or whatever company you have issue with) along with the photo evidence. Kindly explain the situation (be polite or your letter might land in garbage can) and call them after 2 - 3 weeks for a follow up.

    Another way to deal with this is post it at youtube or toronto star. Personally I think thestars like to dig dirt on big company. So if you have proof, they might publishes your story.

    Just my 2 cents

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    L says...

    You bought a cheap lamp from Wal-Mart. You get what you pay for. ‘Nuff said.

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    LDGurl says...

    I have only once had to do a return to wal-mart and after reading all the horror stories on here (and since I didn’t have my receipt anymore either) I wanted to make it as painless as possible so I started out by emailing their head office and telling them how unimpressed I was that this blender I bought (which wasn`t cheap) had quit working after just a couple uses(I made sure to let them know I had no receipt).

    The customer service person contacted the store manager then the manager called me and he walked through the aisle while on the phone with me to try and find a similar blender which he then left at customer service for me to swap out. Took me about 10 minutes in the store to switch them out. My advice is don`t go to the store until after you deal with head office.

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    Dianne says...

    Unlike your experience, I too had to return a lamp to WM. A foster child broke the first 60.00 lamp and WM replaced it at NO COST. Four to 6 months later I returned another one that fell apart as I was moving it….. same make and model. I might add I did not have a receipt either time. They replaced it again FREE OF CHARGE. Did I simply get lucky???

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    Harky says...

    Why do customers think that the product sold on the shelves is ultimitley Walmart’s responsibility? …after the return policy has expired, shouldn’t you complain to the manufacturer? After all, they make the product

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    MyBuddy says...

    You can probably buy a replacement cover. I have seen them at Dollarama.

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    Lori R says...

    I had bought a patio table umbrella from Walmart and it broke and I returned it a couple months later without a receipt. I was greatful that I kept the box (to store it in the winter) and the box clearly showed “Walmart” shipping labels on the side of it. If the item was cheaper I would just bite the bullet and attest it to bad luck. How could you possibly prove that you bought it there?
    I don’t think the customer service has the right to be rude, but in their defense, they deal with some complete a-hole customers sometimes!
    (I witnessed a customer at Zellers tell a cashier to go “F herself”…my 4-year old was scared because she was yelling so loud)

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    karen says...

    I do agree the customer service at Walmart sucks the employees are always so rude I like the service at Zellers, things maybe a few cents extra but the service from the staff is any time better than Walmart.

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    Sharon says...

    I am surprised to hear about your poor experience with Walmart because I’ve generally had excellent service and treatment, much like Diane. I’m truly sorry that you encountered this kind of attitude…I know how awful it is to be treated poorly when you’re just trying to get some help at a store you’ve regularly patronized. I would suggest speaking to the overall store manager at Walmart, as most of them are excellent. If that fails, I would suggest that you contact the Walmart head office with a complaint. Like Diane, I’ve had truly excellent experience with Walmart in general - in fact, the store management has been truly, truly excellent and has gone out of their way to be helpful to me in the past. However, some of the customer service employees are not very polite or helpful. (I’m not sure if you did speak to the overall store manager, or just to the person who might calls him or herself the ‘customer service manager’. The latter person is not really a manager, but rather a lower level employee who acts as a supervisor in that particular department. I too have had a pretty poor experience with some of the customer service people and even with the Walmart customer service supervisor, but the actual Walmart store manager has the final say and I’ve found them to be exceptionally helpful in the past.) So you should be able to speak to a store manager and ask for assistance, and if that fails, you should be able to get some assistance, and hopefully an apology, from customer service at their head office. Walmart in general is known, at least in my area, for having a very good customer service policy and for standing behind the products they sell - they are known to take returns on defective products some time after the purchase date, and on products that may have an opened box (if they have proven to be unsatisfactory in some way). Although they likely wouldn’t offer a refund without a receipt, they would normally still stand behind the product, so if it’s something they carry or have carried on their shelves, they should offer you an exchange for some suitable replacement. That has been my experience, much like Diane’s. As I understand it, Walmart has a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering excellent customer service. They generally do stand behind the products they sell and keep customers happy - that’s part of the reason they have become so successful, in addition to their competitive pricing policies.

    So I would certainly first ask to speak to the overall store manager, if you think you’re dealing with a customer service ‘manager’ /’supervisor’, and if that doesn’t result in better treatment and service, then call the Walmart head office. I am not sure of the contact number for the head office but I’ll post it here later if I do find it.

    Although some people have commented upon the length of time since purchase and the missing receipt, the employees at Walmart should still treat you with respect, and provide you with assistance. Walmart does have a policy of standing behind the product even if you do not have a receipt - if it is something they recognize and do carry on their shelves (or have carried) then they will usually offer you an exchange for a suitable replacement, at the very least. They do have a length of time for return/exchange after purchase (I think it’s 90 days), but I, like Diane, have found that they will stand behind the product long after this stipulated time, and they almost always replace it WITHOUT COST. Walmart is known for doing this. If the customer service person is miserable (many do need an attitude adjustment) then you may not get service with a smile, but you should still get service, and an exchange, irrespective of whether you have a receipt, especially if you have visible proof that the item malfunctioned and is defective (as you apparently do). A number of people have criticized you for not keeping the receipt and for expecting the product to stand up to use for more than four months, but this isn’t fair, in my opinion. People do misplace or lose receipts, and it isn’t a reason not to speak to the store about it, and it doesn’t give the store employee the right to insult you. You have a right to expect decent treatment and to expect your purchase to stand up to normal use for more than four months.

    So I hope that you’ll contact the general store manager if you haven’t already done so (his or her picture should be on the wall behind the customer service desk at the store). If you’ve spoken with the customer service ‘manager’ or ’supervisor’ then I would certainly go to the store manager and ask for their assistance first. If you have already done so then I hope that you’ll speak to customer service at the head office. I’ll post their number or contact info here later if I find it, and I’ll also post if I have any different experiences other than the very positive ones I’ve had with Walmart to date. (I won’t bore you with my story but as mentioned, the Walmart managers have been very polite and exceedingly helpful, and they’ve gone beyond the call of duty to help, in my past experience. I have to deal with Walmart later this week so if something different comes up then I’ll post here.)

    **Of note, I do hope that you’ll go to the overall store manager or to customer service at the head office, because I honestly do understand Walmart has a commitment to excellent customer service / ensuring customer satisfaction. They tend to be far, far better than the competitors (including the soon-to-be-dead Zellers!), in my experience to date, and I hope that you’ll complain, because they need to be aware if their employees are not holding up their policy and commitment to customer service and satisfaction. If you don’t complain, they won’t correct it….and I’m sure you won’t be the only person to suffer the brunt of this person’s bad attitude.

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    John says...

    I have little sympathy for people who want the cheapest products in the world made in China and then they complain that they break after few weeks.
    I have learned to ” invest ” in good quality products even if they cost double or triple, but they will last 10 times longer

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    walmart employeee says...

    First of all half of you come on here bashing walmart. if you hate it so much dont come. we dont care. we dont go to work and make it our priority to be rude to you. until you work there and get called every name in the book dont sit there and judge us. ive worked in almost every department in my store and im more then happy to help anyone that comes in. but if you come in with a stuck up attitude and start yelling at me from the first minute dont EXPECT respect back. you just make it harder for us and yourself. as for the OP i HIGHLY doubt you were treated liek that by a manager. Ive been with walmart for 5 years and not once has a manager spoken to a customer like that. and if the lamp is “cheap” like you claim it is there would have been no problem for you to return it. we return almost everything without a recipet under 50 dollars. and if you’re nice from the start you can get anything cause we try to help out as much as we can. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE.

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    Mary says...

    Iam a customer service associate working at walmart. We actually do normally take back items for refunds or exchange without a receipt provided the item can be returned to the shelf for resale. Returns or exchange for defective items without a receipt can be a bit hard though, it needs the approval of the duty manager at most times.

    Based on experience, customers who say associates are rude are the ones who didnt get their way. We are constanly bombarded with rude customers, normally, associates dont answer back, and just take all the verbal abuse with a nod.

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    Suzanne says...

    I’ve never had any trouble with any returns or refunds at WalMart. Everyone has always been nice. Some are right down to business, which is ok, and others are more socialable. Either way, there has never been any trouble with or without a receipt.
    If possible, with anything electric or battery operated, ask to check it out before you buy it. I do that all the time with small items. I know large items can’t be checked, but with larger things, KEEP the receipt. As for the lamp, no one has even mentioned the fact that maybe the light bulb was wrong. Lamps always list the maximum wattage. And why was it WalMart’s fault, or even the manufacture’s, if a cover had come loose. Sounds like someone had been messing around with it. OR like I said the bulb was too strong, therefore too hot, and whatever was being held together just melted.

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    Noor says...

    i am new in Canada.i have been to walmart quite a lot of times for the last two months.i m from Bahrain.i m not satisfied with walmart’s customers is because everytime i ask about any product,their response is either not proper or sometimes it seems that they don’t have knowledge.Also,the management sometimes seem is quite logical that any customer may commit a mistake because they don’t have knowledge.even in that scenario,management is not meant to be so angry and harsh.i have not seen such a scenario in other countries i have been to.even in case of a mistake they courteously deal with the customers.i have experienced the management rude at the case a customer unknowingly commits a mistake,they are supposed to guide them but in a nice way.this is called customer courtesy.

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    Noor says...

    i don’t favour the customers if they are rude.the customers must not be rude towards the management.bothsides should handle any situation in a cool and courteous manner.anyway,i would definitely say that walmart products are we better try to forget any bad experience.

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    Noor says...

    walmart is a nice place and the management sometimes faces a lot of angry,we better be patient and patchup the matters.

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