Great Customer Service at Future Shop and Staples Canada

by Norton Fan

Future Shop had Norton Internet Security 2010 advertised for 44.99$. Thinking this was a good price; my dad went ahead and bought it. The next day the Staples flyer came out with the same product advertised for 29.98$. I went along with him to Future shop to return the product and purchase it instead at Staples. The stores are right beside each so I thought I should go to Staples first and see if NIS had been sold out or still available. It was sold out and wouldn’t be available for 4 weeks. The customer rep was super friendly and apologized. She said that there had been a problem with the order and that I can pre-purchase it and when it arrives I will be called. Great! I tell her I will be back in 10 minutes after making a return at FS. The customer service rep at FS was equally friendly and offered to price match and beat the difference by 10%. I told her that Staples didn’t have it in stock (seems to be the requirement sometimes). She said it wasn’t a problem and gave it at a cheaper price than Staples.She didnt call Staples or ask for a flyer. I ended up getting back 17.xx$. Overall a great experience at both stores.

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    BuddyCustomer says...

    you had good service at Future shop??.. wow .. now that’s a first..

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    Dave says...

    Perhaps your father shouldn’t be making purchases unsupervised? It’s a good thing you got a nice CS-rep at Future Shop, some of them would have told you to take a hike!

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    brian says...

    had a problem with power cord for daughters laptop that didnt work anymore brought it back to future shop thinkin it was part of year warranty but no it wasnt they said they break alot so there is only a 30 day warranty on that part ant they wanted somewere around $90 when they acually pay about 5 bucks each from china !

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    james says...

    What stops you from going back to staples and tell them that you can get a lower price at futureshop. Holy Crap, then go back to futureshop and tell them that staples offered once again another lower price.
    Maybe wake up and realise you’re paying for a cd that costs these companies cents on the dollar. Wake up that within your mass produced marketed mind that you’re paying for a product which is designed by the people that release the most deadliest virus.
    You win.

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    CustSrv says...

    Sony Studio movie maker 9 was on sale at Future Shop in Kamloops. None in stock. Went to Staples and they had one. Was told because FS was sold out they do not price match- which is NOT factual! It pays to show around!

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    Blueyemama says...

    Wil never ever purchase anything from Future Shop. Purchased a fridge and the salesperson added in an extended warrenty, and was advised that anything goes wrong you are covered. When the crisper shelf fell apart, first cracking then falling into about 10 pieces, NOT COVERED. Big surprise and after not even getting a return call from the appliance manager. I recently bought a new washer and dryer I went to maytag

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    dave says...

    Edgar, my advice to you is to back off. Pretty sure you are pushing the slander laws, at least that’s what my attorney Mr. Leonard J Crabbs said.

    Also if you shop at Future Shop or Best Buy or any of those scam outfits, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PURCHASE ANY EXTENDED WARRANTIES. Those are proven to be 97% PURE PROFIT for the store. It’s truly not worth it under any circumstance, DO NOT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Doug says...

    I have had so many GREAT experiences at Future Shop its incredible. Especially in the Edmonton stores. What I found is………if YOU are an adult in your complaint and not a sarcastic-the-world-owes-me-and-they-better-see-it-my-way little sh*t, they will look after you immediately. I have found that it is only the ’strutters’, the ‘arrogant little p*icks’ that get the staff at these stores so pee’d off that the back lash usually results in not getting what you want. Try a little tenderness, mixed with a bit of humor…and perhaps a double double. You will get what you need from these people.

    Also, with regard to the Extended Service Plan. Don’t leave the store without it. I now buy it on whatever I can and I must say, it has saved me a lot of money in the long run. Remember, dealing with Electronics can be messy and Future Shop DOES NOT make this stuff. They only sell it for a manufacturer. Do they make a profit on it? Sure they do. Why be in business if you cannot make a profit. However, the service plan in many cases, is a good investment. Just try having one motherboard go in your laptop and you will be glad you got it.

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    dave says...

    Sorry Doug you are 100% wrong. The extended service plans are a giant rip off and people like you are the reason Future Shop (and places like Future Shop, I don’t mean to single-them out.) makes as much money as they do.

    Also dealing with Electronics is not messy as long as you’re not a complete idiot. Remember the majority of products come with a limited 1 or 3 year warranty FROM the manufacturing, there is NO NEED to get an extended one.

    Be smart with your money people!

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    MW says...

    I bought a little notebook from Future Shop - a few months later it just stopped working one day. We took it into Future Shop where they wanted $40 to run a diagnostic on it. They told us that the hard drive had failed and needed to be replaced. They wanted an additional $200 to replace the hard drive - w/labor.

    We didn’t have the money to do that.. so I stumbled along for over 6 weeks without my computer — which really sucked, trying to save up the money for the repair. Well - my husband came across the box with warranty and we decided just for the heck of it to call the manufacturer.. Acer - they did a diagnostic over the phone. Told us that the only thing wrong was that the operating system had some corrupted files and needed to be re-installed. So it cost us $25 to ship the computer to Ontario to get fixed.

    Thats what we did.

    I am pretty hacked off at the attempt to charge us for the $40 diagnostic - which didn’t actually tell us what the actual problem was.. AND for them lying and saying the hard drive was toast - and the attempt to get $200 from us to install a new hard drive w/labor…

    seems like fraud to me.

    I called this morning to speak to a manager… The manager said he was very sorry and that it would not happen again..

    But I wonder.. how often this sort of thing goes on…
    And who is making money from it

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    Francine says...

    “the service plan in many cases, is a good investment”

    No, it isn’t. NEVER

    “there’s a sucker born every minute”

    You’re one of them Doug :(

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    CustomerServiceBunnie says...

    After reading these blogs/comments that are on here, it has made me very aware that some people are not being educated the way that they should be. Especially about the extended warranties. To say that the PSP and PRP plans are not a good investment is a biased statement.
    I will completely agree that the warranties are usually profit for the company, but that’s the same for any warranty or insurance that you will ever purchase in your entire life!! the reason that the companies offer the warranty/insurance is in the HOPES that the product will NEVER break down so that they can make the money off of it. Would you not buy car insurance bc you think that its a waste of money and you’re a good driver? You are trying to protect your investment by paying a little extra in case something happens.
    I would have to say that a lot of the products that Future Shop offers the warranty on are not neccisary, however, some of the products its offered on are absolutely recommended! Just look at the XBOX 360! They break down all the time, and the manufacturer warranty covers barely anything.

    Just saying……just bc a company makes money off something that you may never need to use, the protection and security of it being there is sometimes enough to make the little extra cash worth it.

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    Dave says...

    Bunnie you are nothing but a filthy liar. First of all I hope Microsoft sues you for slander, the only time the Xbox 360 “breaks down” is when it gets the “red ring of death” and they cover that 100% of the time.

    It is clear you work for future shop and I would guess 40-70% of your salary is from these bogus warranty programs! Don’t worry though there are enough stupid sheep out there that will continue to purchase them. I don’t know how you sleep at night!

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    Jj says...

    I want to sue futureshop. They took 79 dollars for just having digonostic when I fully understand what was wrong with the computer! And they asked addition of 260 to replace the motherboard inside! I knew my motherboard was broken and I cud buy new motherboard way far advanced than what futureshop has for 149.99 at e-Canada store! Right now I’m trying to call the representative if futureshop to feet my 70 dollars back, I am angry, I am a customer, employees lied to me straight to my face, hope the shop closes down. (futureshop located in northyork by the empress thetre.)

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