Great service at East Side Mario’s Restaurant Canada

by bridarpet

Had a food issue at the Saint John, N.B. East Side Marios due to home delivery.  Sent an email and right away I received contact from Head Office and the local owner of the restaurant.

Peter Gormley, the owner was very efficient, professional and settled my concern way beyond my wildest imagination.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone as the service and food in the restaurant is the absolute best.  The issue with the home delivery was a minor one but it was dealt with quickly and professionally.

They are the best.

8 Responses to “Great service at East Side Mario’s Restaurant Canada”

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    rich says...

    i ate at esm in brampton a few months back and recieved a large piece of bristle from the grill brush in my hamburger…and all i have to show for it is a 15 dollar voucher :(

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    Darlene Bonner says...

    Sad to hear that. I was reimbursed for my meal and given another voucher for the price of my meal. Settled far beyond what I expected. Peter Gormley who has the Saint John restaurant is excellent to deal with.

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    David Reid says...

    I would like to say i did,nt have such a great time at the sydney branch of eastside marios my wife and i went out for dinner last night with a group of friends our waiter came and took our orders one ordered chicken and the rest ordered steaks we waited for 45 mins and our waiter came back and told they had no chicken and no steak and coudnt make the salads that goes with the meals if thats the way you like your business run you are not going to be in business long in this area if your waiters dont know your out of food i think its time you hire new people i only wish i could find a head office i would take this complaint to them if anyone knows please post it on facebook. thanks

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