Walmart Canada Oil Change: Forgot to put oil and engine blew up

by bells

I have been going to walmart for an oil change and the last time I did get the oil change they forgot to put my oil in it …so my engine blew up and it cost me over $2600 for a simple oil change … since then I never did go back to get an oil change … I called headoffice and they didnt care they gave me the insurance company and they told me to see them in court… never would I recommend going to get an oil change from walmart


Walmart Canada Oil Change

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    crazycoupongirl says...

    heard of this happening at another place .. I think active green and ross
    I used to work in a car dealership and saw a vehicle come in that was only 2 months old and it had the same issue.. u have to be careful and watch for these things..

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    Kitty says...

    Did you not notice the oil light?!?

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    joseff says...

    I’ve heard of awful things coming out of Walmarts garage…yet it still amazes me how many people GO there…Active Green & Ross is another company in my town that is questionable….they are CAA recommended but I’ve heard horror stories…would rather pay a few extra dollars and have someone I KNOW do the oil change and other minor stuff

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    NotWeasel says...

    First off… if I had to make a list of all the companies I might even consider taking my car to for service… I can’t even fathom how far down that list Walmart might end up.

    That said, they should still be able to pull off a simple oil change without forgetting something as essential as the oil. They’re clearly at fault.

    Now, as mentioned above, the damage could have easily been prevented by the driver. Anyone who knows anything about cars should know that if the oil light comes on, you STOP DRIVING and check the oil to figure out what’s wrong. Of course, I’d bet that MOST people out there don’t have a clue about their car and probably thinks they can ignore anything that comes up on the dash for at least a few months. The “check engine” light has become famous for this when 9 times out of 10 it comes on for some emissions issue the driver could care less about. So while it’s easy to at least partially blame the driver for the damage, that doesn’t take any responsibility at all away from Walmart.

    I’m curious about that last bit about insurance and court. Did they offer to have their insurance cover the repair? If so, then why would the courts be involved? Are you demanding some sort of further compensation or something?

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    JSAM's Mom says...

    This issue came up a few years back when I was working at Small Claims Court. This guy brought his 6 month old truck into one of those 30 minute oil chnage places; he didn’t even get around the block and his engine blew. He took the company to Small Claims Court and won; unfortunately, because his truck was so new, there weren’t any engines to be found in the scrap yard yet, and even the dealership they couldn’t help him unless he bought a brand new engine. He had to let his truck sit for months, and left his name with every scrap yard in town to give him a call when they got an engine in for him to buy. Although I agree that you need to be vigilant about checking if your oil light (or any other warning indicator) in your vehicle comes on, it is the responsibility of the company who performed the work to make sure they do their job right. It’s a pain in the butt, but I do suggest getting the forms together and going to Small Claims Court. Be sure to get a few written estimates (even if you’ve already had the work done, to show that what you paid is in the right ball park) and see if the mechanic who performed the work is willing to come to testify, because the judge will want to hear from the person who did the hands-on part.

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    Mandolin says...

    I like walmart for tire changes. I am strongly anti-walmart but they know if you purchased there and without a reciept if you replacement due to a tire popping before the warranty is up you get the tires free. I like not needing a reciept.

    Clearly they did something wrong here with the oil change and personally I do not use their oil change service but not everything is bad in the car department.

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    Lilly Mae says...

    It may cost a little bit extra, but I will continue to go to my local GM dealer aftr bad experiences at Crappy Tire (charged me for new spark plugs they did not touch), Active Green and Ross (told me 6 years ago I needed a new rad and I am still driving with the same one), Mr Lube (charged me for a higher premium oil which I rquested for the winter and put in no name 10W40)…I miss my corner ESSO with a its garage and friendly and HONEST service….Nick, where are you??? By the way, if you are driving BMW, Mercedes, Hummer, etc. and going to Wal-Mart????? I say no moe.

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    Benni says...

    This happened to me at a local garage. When my husband and I went to pick up my car the mechanic had a terrible look on his face and asked us to sit down. The replaced my engine and got me a loaner car while the engine was being replaced. I know that it cost them $2700.00 for the engine because I peeked at the bill when we went to pick up my car. Wal-Mart should have been held responsible.

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    Alex says...

    Forbes prints a list of the 400 hundred riches Americans, and how much they are worth. This year, the Waltons, owners of the Wal-Mart company rank numbers four through seven. To understand just how much they, and the company, is worth, first you have to consider that together, the Walton family is worth 79,400,000,000. That’s 79.4 billion.

    Next time you hear anyone claim that Walmart can’t afford to give their employees a decent wage, or anything else, you just remember how much the Waltons are making off the backs of their employees.

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    Darlene Bonner says...

    I had the opposite happen when Sears had their automotive centre. I use to love to go there on Saturday mornings as I could shop around while I waited for the car. Once they forgot to put the oil cap back on and I drove around for an hour or so and oil blew everywhere. The second time was when they over filled the car with oil. Because of this, it ruined the block and it had to be replaced. Sears would not come good for this. So I stopped going back, twice was enough. Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me.

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    Boudj says...

    Mandolin, you mentioned you like Walmart for tire changes. I’ll give you one reason to avoid them. Years ago, I ran over a rock which decimated one of my tires. I decided to get 4 new tires at Walmart because of tread wear on all tires. Walmart scratched every single one of my aluminum rims. They offered to pay to get my rims refinished BUT I had to be without a car and make arrangements for my own rental during that time. I tried to argue with them to provide me a rental while I was out of a car. Before I had any luck with that, I was hit by a driver that ran a stop sign which left me with over $5000 damage to my car. Funny enough, all rims were refinished since the insurance figured they were damaged in the accident and I was provided with a rental while my car was being fixed. No wonder I’m seeing several Walmart stores doing minor renovations to remove their automotive departments.

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    Alex says...

    In a series of oft-aired television commercials, a yellow smiley face zips through a Wal-Mart store’s aisles, knocking away price-sign tiles with a wave. Workers in trademark blue vests smile at Mr. Smiley, satisfied that they’ve witnessed money-saving magic. But author Nelson Lichtenstein’s accounts of a work force struggling with low pay, erratic hours and costly, hard-to-get insurance in “The Retail Revolution: How Wal-Mart Created A Brave New World of Business” may have readers wondering why these workers are smiling.

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    Janine says...

    This happened to my Brother-In-Law at their dealership….only amusing because he is a jerk….

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    Ruth says...

    Wow, am I ever glad that my husband does all the car maintenance/repair jobs himself! It saves a tonne of money and I don’t have to worry about screw ups like that, unless he does it himself, which hasn’t happened yet. Knock on wood.

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    steve says...

    you get what you pay for!!!!!

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    Laura says...

    This is not the first or the last time I’ve heard of Wal-Mart service garages not being able to do a simple oil change. Thank goodness my husband is very knowledgeable about vehicle repairs and maintenance. In the past I’ve been to Pennzoil and I have always watched them closely when they changed the oil and they had the nerve to tell me I needed a drain plug when they use an impact gun to tightened it. Obviously they over stripped the plug and I refused to pay for a new one when I told them what I saw them do. They must’ve thought I was a stupid girl who didn’t know anything about vehicles.
    Oil changes are very simple if people take the time to learn what it entails.
    Oil changers working at any company does not have to be done by a licensed mechanic and Wal-Mart will hire any joe off the street if they remotely have some kind of mechanical background. So it pays to have it done at a garage you trust or at a dealership.

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    Green says...

    Hi Bells. Which location did you go to ?

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    Tom Johnson says...

    All these people knocking Wal-Mart; there is only one way to be that successful. And that’s by giving customers what they want. How many jobs do they create? All over the world! And is anyone FORCED to work there?

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    Alex says...

    Wal-Mart (WMT) Under Siege For Extravagant Ad Claim

    “A consumer group says that the Wal-Mart claim is simply bogus and wants the company to dispense with it. According to The Wall Street Journal, “The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus made the recommendation Monday”

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    Jaybank says...

    This also happened to my daughter at our local walmart. She took her new (6month old) Neon for oil change and they didn’t put the oil in. After driving home she asked her Dad why the light was one. Well, no oil. Walmart did pay for all the work at the local Chrysler dealer Approx. $3300. but car was never the same. We continued with major bills and problems til finally… bye bye to the Neon.

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    Michelle says...

    Similar thing happened to me..they forgot to tighten the oil filter.Thank god I caught it before my truck ran out of oil.Needless to say it was a big mess in my engine.That was the first and last time going to Wal-mart for ANY car maintenance.I would never buy tires there…what if they forgot to tighten the lugnuts????

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    Lara says...

    Dont they usually show you the dipstick to show the new oil in the tank?

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    lbal says...

    I’m a woman and I changed my engine oil myself when I had my old Honda car. I hope you got some compensation from them. Oh boy, you have to go to court for it first? I guess this thing happen even if the person should check the dipstick level after pouring the oil… Oh dear

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    AMANDA WILSON says...


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    Amy says...

    You MUST sue them. You will win. Small claims court costs about $50. These companies don’t care, because they know the likelihood of someone actually taking the time to file with small claims is so slim, they would rather lose the customer than pay the bill. Please don’t just let this go! You will feel better about yourself if you push to defend yourself and don’t just let it go, and you will contribute to companies actually standing behind their products and work when they realize that it WILL cost them not to! It’s just a numbers game to them, and for every person that sues and wins there are a lot that don’t bother and Walmart (or whatever company) wins. If everyone were to fight back, things might actually change.

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    somaie says...

    Small Business owners are largely forgotten. Thats why I only focus on them. I have experience several members of my family file bankruptcy due to small business failures. I also I suffered through 2 destroyed businesses due to failure however, in my failings I have learned some of the secrets to success. (Who can say they know it all?)
    What I like about small business owners is that they are not afraid to take huge risks and lay it all on the line. But, I agree they do need a lot of help with their marketing. I think having them go the social media and email route is not only the least expensive but its also the most effective. Thanks for the stats!

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    Grant says...

    If this is how they responded, then you need to send letters to the Editor, and make a big stink. This is unacceptable!!!

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    steve says...

    sorry no coupons for engines lol

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    Emmas mom says...

    The people that work at Walmart garages arnt certified Mechanics Just so you know

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    Alex says...

    Pennsylvania Walmart Sued for Videotaping Employees, Customers in Bathroom
    Surveillance Camera Secretly Placed in One Store’s Bathroom
    Dec. 25, 2009

    “A Pennsylvania Walmart Supercenter videotaped employees and customers in a unisex bathroom, several former and current Walmart employees alleged in a lawsuit filed this week….”

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    7mountains says...

    I agree with most comments above. Find a garage, locally. develop a rapport with the owner/mechanic. Continue to use the same garage and always ask lots of questions. It won’t take long before you are considered a loyal customer and you will be treated very well. If you go from shop to shop there is no trust. My husband is a licensed mechanic and I can’t tell you how many times he has seen mechanics do really stupid things: like not tighten lugnuts, forget the oil cap etc. etc. He has even walked out on jobs because the manager’s want to make “their” quota that month and there is a push for customer’s to have work done that is not necessary. The manger will push my husband to “OVERSELL” and hubby refuses to do it. It is the bread off our plates and struggle to get a new job. In my husbands words, at least when I go to bed at night I have a good conscience and can sleep. If only all mechanics were so honest. Some are worse than others, do not misunderstand me, not all mechanics are dishonest. Also Kal Tire has a good reputation.

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    Karen says...

    Get a dealer or a real mechanic to give you a certified letter stating that XYZ was what caused the problem in your car. Take that, and your service receipt, and records of your communications, and take it to court. And then, learn from this and stick with real mechanics.

    OR… do what a friend of my husband’ did…

    Go back to that location and just start talking to people. Not emotional, not raising a big stink, just sharing the facts. Because of her experience, and the somewhere near $3000 damage caused to her vehicle because of their incompetence on a TIRE CHANGE, we will never have any service done at a Walmart. (Canadian Tire, either, but that’s a whole different thread. LOL) Anyway, they were brushing her off right up until she started telling everyone in the waiting area about what happened and they all started leaving and taking their business with them. At that point, realizing she was going to cost them thousands, they settled up and paid her bill real fast.

    (FYI - Some of those quick oil change places have been known to forget to put oil caps back on so be careful if you use one of those, too.)

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    Barrie says...

    If I can’t see them doing the work then i don’t let them do the work at all. I also check the oil level as soon as I leave the garage as well as the engine in my car is almost $8000. new from the dealership plus having it installed as well. Its the 300HP Northstar by Cadillac which is expensive to replace because of a lowly underpaid employees error. For what Walmart pays they can not get the best of help and never have or will as well.

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    Craig says...

    Most times I change my own oil and filter. on the occassions when I dont have the time, and do use a “quick change” service, I always check oil level with the dip stick before starting the engine and driving away. takes 2 minutes, very simple, no harder than checking your windshield washer resovoir. instructions are in the owners manual.

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    Diddy says...

    people I implore you NEVER BUY ANYTHING from this company they are the scum of the earth!

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    Jay says...

    Just had my car die, due there engine being bone dry of oil. I hardly drive the car, and it just past emission testing with flying colours so I know that my car does not burn oil. The engine will cost $1600-$2400 USD to replace and there are none in Canada.

    Interestingly there are no signs of leakage, no signs of oil burning in the engine ( spark plugs are usually covered in oil when the vehicle is burning oil). So I then called Walmart back.

    The shop manager at Walmart said she had reviewed the video and that all had been done according to policy. When I asked if I could see the video I was told that I could only see it if I went to court.

    Hmmmm….Sounds like a cover up to me. My fight continues as they are send their mechanics to my mechanic to inspect the vehicle. I am now waiting for a call from the district manager to see what he has to say.

    Just a request to all others that are having the same problem. I ask that you use this site to give more detail in the process of your disputes with Walmart. The more information that is shared, the effective we can be in dealing with the company and their actions. At least that is my view. I will be updating my situation as it unfolds. I can see that there is already a pattern in what I have read here in this blog.

    Perhaps it is time for us to have a a document to be signed by the service providers in regards to the terms that we will accept their service. Perhaps the only way that they can recieve payment for service is to show us the work prior to it being taken off the hoist is one of those criteria so that we can see that the filter has indeed been replaced properly and that the oil pan “o” ring has been replaced, same with tires, they must demonstrate that they have in fact tightened the bolts on you car’s new tires properly prior to payment.

    Yes I think the consumer should have a terms of service agreement that protects their interests, not just one that protects the interests of the big companies like Walmart.

    Something to think about…..

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    Jay says...

    I just got through the first step in the process. Met by two Walmart representatives at my mechanics shop. Their mission was to check to see that the seal of the oil pan or oil filter had not been tampered with. They also checked rear under carriage of the vehicle to see any oil had been sprayed on that part of the car. They also checked the odometer of my car to make sure that I had not driven over the mileage of the vehicle ( which I had 500km to go before my next oil change).

    I have been informed that it will now go to their legal department, where an impartial investigator will inspect my car. When I asked why I could not choose the this investigator, they said with a smirk “that won’t work.” I find it hard to believe that a group hired by Walmart would be impartial.

    I am thinking at this point I may have to buy a motor myself and then take Walmart to small claims court. Their strategy is simple.. take a person pay for their work and hope that they cannot afford court. Their hope is that the claimant will not go to court because they might be intimidated by the process. My advice to anyone that finds themselves at the stage when an”impartial” investigator comes to observe their vehicle, they should do the following:

    1. Talk with your mechanic, make sure that you know all the things that must be inspected on your vehicle to look for tampering, leaks, or engine oil burning.

    2. video tape the event so that you “observe” how detailed their examination is. See if they miss things that should be checked.

    3. Bring this video to court, rest assured that they will come with their video of the technician putting oil into your car. Your video will show that you have done due diligence to support your case. Small claim courts like the little guy if they are prepared.

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    Jay says...

    Well, two really interesting things happened today.

    First, I was contacted by the independent investigator. He requested all information about service that had occurred since the oil change. I also asked him about the video documentation by Walmart. I told him that they had refused to show me the video but had reviewed. Interestingly enough he told me that Walmart only keeps the video for 30 days and then it is erased.

    Hmmm… do you think that the Walmart manager lied when she said they had reviewed the video given the that the video had already been erased some 50 days previous.

    The second bit of information that I discovered came when I found my bill and actually read it. I must say to everyone reading this, please read them before paying and keep them in case you misread it. It turns out that I had been charged for a full oil change and when I read the section which states how much oil was used to replace what had been drained…. IT SAID 1 LITRE!!! This confirms the findings of my mechanic who said that there was only 1 litre of oil in the engine when it was inspected.

    This seems to be a open a closed case of incompetence, but…will that be the outcome? Now I guess I will see how the spin masters work and whether this impartial inspector is really impartial. I will keep everyone posted.

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    grumpy says...

    get a life people in your vehicles dashboard are these dummy lights that worn you of problems with the vehicle before it’s toooooooooooooo late that is when you turn off the engine and investigate problem or check your owners manual SURPRISE no oil in engine light is on

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    Alex says...

    Path to Walmart Supercenter Not So Smooth
    “Walmart apparently hasn’t been the best neighbor, creating noise in an adjacent neighborhood at all hours of the night, and this may be a stick in the mud for expansion efforts.”

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    Alex says...

    Does WM still do this kind of work?

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    Person says...


  43. Just now study it and thanks the post again.

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    Enrico Kro says...

    This happened to me at a GM dealership also when they mechanic took a break during the oil change, and took me months to be reimbursed in small claims court. Vehicle was never the same after a new engine was put in.

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