Superstore Edmonton Clareview: “This isn’t my job to babysit you people”

by Max

My daughter and I have been loyal customers of Superstore for year and used to really enjoy shopping there.

We were standing in the self check out line when a lady with a cart on the otherside formed her own line, I asked the Superstore worker who was standing there if there were 2 lines or 1, she snapped back at me that theres just one line, by this time the lady who formed her own line had gone to the check out stand and proceeded scanning her groceries, I told the superstore clerk that that lady had gone in front because she thought there was a line on the other side, the line I was in was about 20 people and we had waited 10 min at this point, I wasnt rude and I didnt raise my voice at all, the clerk then walked up to the lady pointed back to me and said, that lady wants you to take your groceries and go to the back of the line because you  budded infront of her, and then said, yeah shes one of those. I was appalled, I didnt know what to say, the clerk then came back to her area which is were I was standing and said to me, there happy now, you should be able to do things yourself, this isnt my job to babysit you people, then she turned around and started muttering about how I should have just told the lady myself and not stop her from doing her job, so I said excuse me, and she turned and looked at me but didnt say anything, then I said excuse me again and she started yelling at me about how this is not her job, I was shocked and my 11 year old daughter was frightened by this behavior. I went to customer service right away and got a Manager a pointed out who she was and told him what happened, I was very upset by this point and could hardly speak, his only concern was were my daughter was because as he told me, children get lost all the time in here. I know 1 or 2 people dont reflect the whole company but lets face it, you are a Manager in charge of making sure your customers are safe and not attacked.

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    bunnybuster78 says...

    then contact the district manager to smarten up the clerk & the manager.

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    crazycoupongirl says...

    I’d agree. I wouldn’t leave it there, people who are rude need to be fired!

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    Theresa says...

    You need to report this incident to a manager. She needs to be reprimanded for that interaction.

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    BuddyCustomer says...

    Good for you for asking that the lady go back in line! I hate those idiots that make it look like they didn’t see the other 5 people WAITING IN LINE for their turn, so they just form their own and cut..

    Superstores, Market and others should look at what Wal-Mart did in our region. Put up some posts thus making sure you get your turn as you should and not have idiots cut in.

    That being said, you should really send your text to the Regional Office, and the Corporate Office.

    I found a piece of gum in a cake at IGA; yeah pretty disgusting chewing on a gum that ain’t yours; but when I went back to the store the Manager let me have the “You put the gum in there!” speech!

    Yeah.. I have time to run around and put gum I don’t like in cakes…

    So… I sent a Letter to both Corporate and Regional offices. Let’s say that they weren’t too happy when I also tagged my Loblaws Invoice as a “this is the new store I now go to because of your Management Staff”…

    I received a 200$ gift certificate from Corporate, when Regional called I told them that if they think 200$ was enough to make me go there again they should really think strong and hard about the way clients are being treated before throwing money at people.. They gave me another 200$ and asked that the Manager that treated me like crap appologize in front of the store staff…

    Let’s say I didn’t miss that appointment! Seeing 16 to 19 yr old kids see their Manager appologize to a client was pure joy.

    I then spent the 400$ and when I was walking out, looked at him and said thanks but Loblaws have better products, this was my last trip here.

    That’s the only way to put these idiots back in their place sometimes. They went up the ladder because they either knew someone, or had no one else in line.

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    hya_been says...

    As a former customer service attendant at the self-scan machines at an RCSS, I fully agree with you and think that the employee should be reprimanded. Even if she was having a bad day, that was no way to act. That said, there are still some good Superstore employees out there, so hopefully at least one positive review gets posted on Smart Canucks!

    I know when I was working there, my conversation would’ve gone with “Why do you think there are over 10 people lined up over there?” Which typically leaves the selfish ignoramus, angry, but embarrassed.

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    Nice Sass says...

    Can I add to this thread? I *detest* when there are line-ups at grocery stores, and when a new line opens, the service reps tell the LAST person in line that they can move, instead of the next one waiting to unload their things. As much as I agree with the OP and others that in the above scenario A) The clerk was rude and B) the customer should have known better, I think it it even worse when a staff member personally DIRECTS someone to pretty much just cut in line.

    This happens to me all the time at Zehr’s, and happened to me this morning at my local Walmart. I complained to the Supervisor, who defended the behaviour, telling me that it is too inconvenient to have people closer to the cash back up. Yeah? How about my inconvenience in driving 30 minutes each way to get to the store, and wait in line with my 3-month old baby? No, I’d prefer to stand in line LONGER. Thank you very much.

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    Beast Master says...

    I had a similiar situation the other week, I was the next in line for self check-out, the store was quite busy, and this couple meandered right through the crowd to go to a check-out that was about to be free. You could tell they knew what they were doing and figured that they were in too much of a rush to have to wait fo ring in their 3 items. Well, I was the actual next person in line so I headed right to them and LOUDLY said…”EXCUUUUUSSSSSE MEEE!! THIS is the lineup where you WAIT your turn and it is NOT your turn”. They looked like kids with their hands caught in the cookie jar, backed off and decided to head to an express check-out.

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    Sofia says...

    I must agree with you that the girl should of not spoken to you that way….but I strongly disagree with anyone using the self check out lines. Do people not realise that it takes away alot of jobs. That is why there is less and less cashiers. Come on people lets stop using self checkouts and grocery, hardware, airports and everywhere else they are and try to keep people at there jobs.

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    Vivi says...

    I find that the ’self-check’ lines are often more stressful than the lines with actual clerks. If you run into a problem scanning an item, customers waiting in line sometimes glare at you. The reaction from the cashier in this case was completely unacceptable. She shouldn’t take out her bad day on customers. Maybe she missed her smoke break or something.

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    Brendan says...

    That is why I only shop at Safeway stores. Their customer service is second to none!

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    Janine says...

    Ok so I thought that I was the only one having problems with Superstore….I go to the one in Bedford, NS and I have bought expired baby formula 3 times!! (you think I would learn to check… lol) and the last time I went back to return a case the manager helped me and said “wow thats bad! expired formula cant be good for a baby! and than told me to go get a new case while he stood there. Not a problem if I wasnt carrying a 20 pound infant on my hip! I think I have finally learned my lesson though Im shopping at Sobey’s!

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    Zay says...

    You should definately go to the Regional office with this complaint. It is unacceptable to treat anyone like that.

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    mhk says...

    I agree. These self serve checkouts are taking jobs away, as are ABMs etc. I hate using them. I try to shop at stores where I can be served by a HUMAN BEING - hopefully a pleasant one.

    Also, I used to be a loyal Safeway customer for YEARS and YEARS and never set foot in another store. You know what happened one day? They were rude to me and nasty and accusive. I have now boycotted all Safeways, because they do not deserve my custom or that of my family. The Safeway in question was the Callingwood one in Edmonton. Horrible horrible horrible is all I can say!

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    Dave says...

    Any chance the worker was black? I agree though call the district manager and crack some fukkin skulls

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    Dave says...

    Oh, and I didn’t like the way staff looked at us when my and my boyfriend went in holding hands. I mean wtf? Its 2009.

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    Edgar says...

    What does the year have to do with it, Dave? Is the number on the calendar supposed to be an indicator to us that anything goes?

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    Christine says...

    This is just one example of the work ethic of people in 2009. I am 39 years old. When I was 16 until I was 20 years old, I worked as a bagger and then a cashier at Canada Safeway. We were properly trained how to treat customers, how to bag groceries properly (I had to tell one of my local checkout people not to put raw chicken on top of a loaf of bread recently), and the proper way to open a new cash register.(You always ask the first person who’s been waiting in another line) The way that customer’s get treated now is so wrong and people have to speak up each and every time an incident like this happens.

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    Matt says...

    That is a horrible way to act. If I think a customer is out of place, I will continue to treat them respectfully, and then vent to coworkers WHEN they leave. Even so, your comments weren’t rude at all, and this girl seemed to be the one out of place.

    On the comments of “20 years ago”, I agree with you. The main problem would be the training. When I used to work at a grocery store, we were trained how to bag, how to ring groceries in, and that was about it. No one is trained on how to give good customer service anymore. The problem is that people are told to give good customer service, but no one is really told what is expected of them. Therefore, many people believe that simply by bagging someone’s groceries, they are giving good customer service, and that being nice is simply a bonus (which I disagree). Another reason simply lies in the ways the companies treat their workers. Workers are always placed second to customers (around my area, anyway), and are reprimanded for ANYTHING (example, coworker told a customer to have respect AFTER the customer cursed at her, made sexist comments, belittled her, and finally make a family comment). This makes the employee have a negative image when it comes to customers, and in turn, they treat them poorly. When the manager is willing to place an employee first, they are happy with their job, and how they are treated. If someone likes where they work, they will try their hardest, and always make things right; Many of these confrontations would’ve been avoided in the first place.

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    dolo says...

    I only shop at Safeway now, Superstore has absolutely NO customer service skills, and Sobeys/IGA stores are too expensive. Why go to Superstore & have to pack you own groceries & get unfriendly service? At least at Safeway they are trained that the customer comes first!

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    evil.kitten says...

    That’s just plain disgusting.

    Workers should be helping customers out, not verballing attacking them like that.

    Please go back to the store and ask for the number for the stores headquarters so you can contact them and complain.

    That employee should be fired and that manager should have jumped into help you! That’s just wrong.

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    Marci says...

    Loblaws/Superstore is a greedy corp with no customer service. Lets exercise our consumer power and shop elsewhere!

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    Cheap Cat says...

    Re: the comments about how it was 20 years ago. Back then, stores realized the importance of good customer service. Cashiers were paid well with good benefits and the jobs were in high demand. By paying well, the stores got a higher quality of applicants so they could be picky and hire the best. The stores also invested in those employees by training them properly and treating them well. The stores were also well staffed, so all in all, it was a better experience for everyone, employees and customers alike.

    Now a days, the jobs pay min. wage. The employees receive no training and don’t care because their employer doesn’t care about them. The stores are understaffed, cashiers have been replaced by machines and those employees who are left are overworked and underpaid. Unfortunately, that stress does boil over and you end up with situations like this.

    I am in no way condoning the poor customer service, I am just explaining how it got to this. In one store I worked at, it got so bad at Christmas because we didn’t have enough staff to provide the service that we previously had, that staff were snapping at each other over every little thing. It was really a horribly stressful environment to work in. We were however encouraging customers to call head office to complain about the staffing levels and lack of service.

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    FedUp says...

    You want to know why there are rude clerks, because of rude customers. We put up with bull day in and out. Customers are allowed to be in bad moods and take it out on the workers and we are expected to put up with verbal and physical abuse, smile and say thank you. Customers blame us for everything, and I mean everything the company does, like we were the ones who increased the prices etc. Why don’t you try being nice to cashiers and clerks and maybe they will be nice back. Oh, and would it kill you to say please and thank you?

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    Joyce says...

    I’ve never worked in retail but I think customers sometimes do need to “grow up”. I would have simply walked up to the lady who budged in line and let her know myself. What’s the point of having the store staff relay your thoughts? She’s not the one that asked that lady to budge in line! OMG, get a life and seriously, grow up.

    I think this is a sad attempt at trying to gain some sympathy and maybe some freebies, lol. There’s a reason why you shop at Superstore to begin with.

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    katkat says...

    I agree wholeheartedly with thos e that say write the head office, they can make heads roll so to speak.

    On a related note, there is a little known policy in most departmetn and grocery stores that you can pay for your stuff at any cash, not just teh front ones.

    In the grocery stores, you can take everything, as long as it is not a cartful and nothing needs to eb weighed, to either the customer service desk, or the cash where you pay for the prepared meals.

    In department stores, you can take all you have, no matter how much or what size, to any other department to pay for it. For example, you can pay for your car parts at the cosmetics counter, you can pay for your decorations at the jewelry counter. Yo ucan pay for anything anywhere in the store.

    I often go straight to the jewlery counter to pay for stuff. Last christmas I did this when I had a cartful and they did not mind one little bit. I got dirty looks from those who were waiting for 30 minutes in line, but oh well. Funny thing is, none of those who saw me came over to where I was to pay.

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    eliza says...

    There is two sides to every story. My experience as a cashier is that most people a nice. I also agree that there are some VERY rude people out there. There are even the ones that are thoughtful enough to let someone go ahead of them if they only have one item or if an employee is on a break they will let them go ahead. Some times no matter what happens there is always that one person who is never happy and they have a chip on their shoulder before they even get into the store. Its hard to believe BUT the customer is NOT always right! Yes maybe that cashier was having a bad day but unless you spend 8 hours a day working with the public no one know really knows what a person has to put up with and still try to smile. A lot of people don’t feel that being a cashier is a hard job. Believe it or not is it a tough and physical job. You have to deal with different personalities and people who can’t speak our language very well, crying children, impatient and grumpy people. On top of that we have to be able to lift cases of pop, 10 lbs of potatoes, frozen turkeys and other heavy products. Not to mention lifting bags of groceries into the carts. Sometimes the cashier will have a product thrown at them or the money thrown down on the counter, bags thrown, credit or debit card whipped at them. But the customer will have their hand out for the cashier to hand back their change or credit or debit.
    Most customer are very pleasant BUT there are a few that are VERY RUDE to. No mater what job a person does the one thing in life that is free is MANNERS.

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    Gingy says...

    I’ve noticed that Superstore and Walmart both have bad customer service. I would definitely call the regional manager and bring it to their attention that their store manager is useless and can’t deal with a simple customer service issue. Sometimes I don’t even know why those losers are hired as managers.

    An other issue that comes up is when the cashier rings the item thru and that it’s not the right price. When i tell them that it’s not the right price and that they should stand up to the Scanning code of practice, those people get all pissed off. It’s not my fault that i didn’t change the price on the shelf when it clearly advertises in the flyer that it’s on sale.

    When there’s bad customer service at the store, it certainly tells you that they have bad management. How could you let your staff treat customers like crap?

    I agree with some of you that Safeway does have the best customer service out there!! People are friendly and very nice….not like those grumpy pants over at Walmart! If they really don’t like their job… all means go find another retail job.

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    AGR says...

    Try shopping early in the day when it is not busy. Be positive and people will respond positively. Pack your own groceries at Superstore and smile, because you are saving 25% as compared to Safeway.

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    shopper says...

    Big deal someone checked out befoure you, so now you are going to call head office and get FREE coupons/groceries, you win don’t you.

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    Generally Satisfied says...

    As for Dave (Oct 27th and 28th) who clearly has stated that he is a gay racist and STFU (Dec 2nd) with comments and language like you’ve made here, small wonder why employees, when confronted by angry little men with major chips on their shoulders like you two losers, have a problem with the customer is always right concept. Keep comments and language like these to yourselves because the vast majority of “good” customers don’t need this crap. Lighten up with the world.
    Previous comments re not using self checkout are bang on - they take away jobs and nothing positive comes out of them - ie have they reduced prices or provided better service? No.

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    K says...

    Sounds like a very unhappy person, probably not just with her job, but with her life. You have to leave that stuff home. There should be some serious consequences involved here.

    It’s funny that everyone says it bugs them when a new checkout is opened and someone from the back of the line buts in. At Costco the cashiers are intructed to only take the next person in line at the next till. Even to the point of going over and helping them move their carts. You wouldn’t believe how many people get ticked off at that because they thought they would be able to jump ahead in line. There is no way to please everyone.

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    H... says...

    In their defense it is Superstore Clareview! I have been a resident in the area for close to twenty years and can say that the clientelle at this location at times are amongst the rudest customers I have ever seen! ( None of the grocery stores in this area are what they used to be though. Staff need to learn to be more courteous though & treat their valued customers better - - - Or we stop shopping there! I do have one good thing to say about this store though~ Many years ago while aimlessly wandering around this store ( Shopping for that perfect gift) There was an unstable customer who figured that I was store security following him around… in a very angry manner her made this known when we both ended up at the till. I had no idea I had been following him around the store! Management addressed the situation quickly and made sure that I safely made it to my vehicle~

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    CapGreen says...

    You sound like you flew off the handlebars and the manager was concerned for your children because of your outlandish behaviour. During the christmas season you nutbags come out in droves. I feel sorry for the employee in the store, although she was certainly in the wrong. Your children are frightened and the manager is concerned about your children. I assess that you added a little to much crazy to one simple line. The correct thing to do was to complain in the appropriate manner to the manager, and not yelling the same repetive line over and over again because someone wants to ignore you.

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    Brendan says...

    I always enjoy shopping at my neighborhood Safeway. The staff always remembers who I am and provide me with World Class Service. When you put into account the number of air miles you receive, Safeway is by far the only grocery company I would ever shop with.

    Thank you Safeway!

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    breathe says...

    I have to say i don’t have much sympathy for you here. The cashier shouldn’t have freaked out on you that way, but having worked in retail myself, i know what that job can do to you. I found that ALOT of the customers are rude are impatient. There were times i’d be training someone to do their job and the customers would yell at them - now that’s not a great first impression of your customers right there.

    I’m sure alot of you haven’t ever worked in customer service. Just learn to ease up a bit and try not to complain about every petty little thing. If it means waiting an extra 5 minutes out of your day, why make a big deal out of it and stress everyone out?

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    Wow says...

    I think you should do whatever is going to leave you satisfied.
    Clearly we all have issues with Superstore and should shop somewhere else.
    I for one, really love my neighborhood north Edmonton Superstore! I have learned from past experiences to check EVERY single item with an expiry date! I have also learned to NEVER buy meat, check the cheese for mold, never buy a package you can’t see through, NEVER EVER buy from the deli!
    I have since started to buy my meat, fresh vegetables and bread at Costco, Safeway & McGavin’s.
    Safeway is officially the best place for customer service and will always get my business, before any other grocery store. Yes they are a little more expensive, but I have never had a problem. It’s never crowded, always knowledgable and polite staff, the store is clean and you can trust that the food is fresh.
    Safeway gets my vote!

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    Flint says...

    Superstore Edmonton Clareview is a bad store I worked their for 3 and a half years got treat like trash by the Manager and supervisors of my department. I got told if I worked hard I would move up to full time so I worked my back to death and the supervisor hire a guy who he met at a casino who showed up to work when he feels like it and goofed off when he was at work. I would work overtime when I could and was needed but I got ripped off for my overtime pay and the ufc 401 union would not help me out. I can see why the people who work at superstore are in a bad mood all the time it is the managers they work for being dicks too then all the time. The last half year I work there I was so bad to the people shopping there I told a guy too F off the last week I work their I was so mad all the time at my boss. Bad place too work bad place too shop.

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    Grow up says...

    Seriously.. to go up to the cashier and say that someone budded in line? Are you in grade school? I don’t blame the cashier for her words.. if you’re going to act that childish.

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    eliza says...

    Enough said on the topic. Lets start something different.

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    ginbug says...

    I’m lucky in that I don’t work in the public service industry because I’ve seen plenty just shopping or going somewhere to eat. The whole “why 20 years ago blah blah” is the constant refrain.

    Walmart is known for poor wages, basically all public service jobs are known for crap wages. Yet time and time again, even some of my personal friends can’t find enough to complain about and become offended at the slightest incident. You can’t get good service? It’s because we no longer pay for good service.

    Personally I hate self checkout, yes, it gets rid of even more jobs but also I don’t need the headache of feeling extra monitored while I check out my own groceries, bag them etc.. at no discount. I’ll take the line, I’ll smille and be pleasant.

    All of the people who are calling out for someone to fired are you so mean spirited that in a terrible economy you’d basically put someone in financial hardship because they just didn’t kiss your butt quite in the way you liked?

    I agree, some people do need to grow up, get a clue, it’s not 1940 anymore.

    Quit treating people like they’re your personal slaves, you’re not the lord or lady of the mannor so get over yourself.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    No, the selfscan attendant should not have spoken to you in that way, but, it is not her job to watch who is butting who in line. Her job is to make sure every customer is ringing through their groceries, so they are not being stolen creating shrink and therefor causing prices to go up! You should have just called the head office # off the back of the flyer to address your concern. Believe me, the manager in the Clairview store is good for nothing!

    I am a current employee of RCSS and it didn’t used to be this bad to work for. I have been employed with them for 12 years now with the front end department and things have gone down hill!
    Deserving employees who have been busting their asses are not getting recognized for their hard work (a pin isn’t going to do for your years of service) and it is hard for most older employees to get promoted when all they want to do is promote babies who don’t have a damn clue what they are doing!

    As for the line ups, we are trained to take the next person in line, but they do not always do that because most of these “kids” are too damn lazy to walk the extra 5 feet to get the next person. I tell you, kids today do not have the same work ethic that we did and it is because of the parents!

    On the topic of rude customer service, believe me, I am one of the nicest people you could meet, until there is a rude ass customer yelling at me! We are trained to call a supervisor or manager right away so the problem does not escalate, but, in my perspective, I am not going to let some cranky old hoot or cranky old man call me down and not deal with it! I’m gonna stick up to myself, because 9 times out of 10 the customer has a problem with prices and it is all the cashiers fault! I got news, I am there to do one job only and it is not to change prices!!!!!
    Just a couple of weeks ago, I had a customer call me a “flunky” because I worked at superstore! He has no idea what kind of education that I have and this was all because he wanted everything on his reciept voided off and to start over and I refused because I had a lineup of like 4 people and I didn’t want to make them wait. He freaked out on me. So long story short, I didn’t back down and I put him in his place and he left. Did not hear anything else about it.
    He still comes in to shop and if looks could kill, I’d probably be down alrady. Hahahahaha.

    So, if you have a problem with the customer service you recieved, please call the # on the back of the flyer. Complaining here is not going to get you anywhere.

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    Freddy says...

    This is outrageous, this is defined not appropriate. My sister-in law is a manager, and if one of her employees acted like this, they would get fired on the spot.

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    Heather Dalpe says...

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    Ex cashier says...

    You should not leave this one till you receive an apology. There is a real need for people to be treated with respect. They really need to learn who pays their wages. When I was a cashier there is not a hope that this type of attitude would be tolerated let alone accepted. If they don’t want to show respect then they should find another line of work, one where they don’t deal with the public. Like maybe picking up road kill off the highway.
    I am now a Supervisor and there is no way this type of attitude is acceptable. The employees may not always like their supervisor or managers when they need to be dealt with, but myself I can honestly say I that I have a new respect for the people who pay my wages.
    Thanks to the public who cared enough to help make me what and who I am today.

  48. 0

    hands says...

    RCSS Customer says…

    “I am there to do one job only”

    That’s the problem right there!

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    Mr. Schmoove says...

    Superstore Clareview - 100 million dollars in sales a year and climbing
    No department get enough hours to maintain presentation, hence lack of customer service.
    90% of Clientel are mostly lowlives and scumbags with occasional douch***s. The elderly aren’t any better.
    the remaining 10% have some sort of compassion on where the staff come from. And Im sure they enjoy helping these people out

    Managment are hard because they have some staff who think they dont have to do shit and the UNION will protect them…. hahahahaha f****g spare me.

    Former customers….. to get respect, you must give it. Granted some of these people should get their asses punted, but come on… It’s Clareview The Mill Woods of the North.


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    fk off says...

    Seriously? You think they should be fired? Why didn’t you walk up to the person, and inform them of their mistake? I am willing to venture my guess that had you been the one to cut infront of the line, and the attended confronted you, we would have read a similar sob story. However, had you not noticed the person cut in line the story we would have read would have followed the situation of lines to long, not enough customer service. Seriously, stop whining. The customer is hardly ever right, and while being number one on our priority list is what you want, feel free to take a number. But don’t worry, I have a whole spindle of 1’s. So take your place behind all the other ignorant, rude, annoying, needy, helpless inbred social rejects. P.s. Welcome to retail. Get your *** and get out.

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    Bruce says...

    It’s a wonder there isn’t a full fledged brawl between the cattle that stuff themselves into Clareview Superstore. Between the crappy floors that torture your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back; the screaming kids and dead, defeated eyes of the mothers who don’t even try to shut them up; and playing smash up derby with your cart and legs with other customers as you try to get your groceries. If its summer and it’s 30 degrees outside, you can count on it being 32 degrees inside! And when you’re finished, there are 3 checkouts open and the lineups are 15-20 deep.
    I can see why staff get sick of customers and customers get sick of customers. But face it. Why do customers put up with this garbage? There are lots of places to shop where the management of the store hires enough employees and doesn’t treat the customers and employees like crap.
    Unless you are already dead inside, Superstore just isn’t worth it.

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    Johnny Splanto says...

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    me says...

    There are some nice customers and workers and then on the other hand there are bad ones of both. I was working for sobeys at one time and one day I had this forigner lady come to my till I was very nice with a smile on my face and started scaning her items then she goes to me excuse me u just gave me some rotten tomatoes. I said to her that I was no the one that shopped u did so I am scaning what ever u gave me. she then starts calling me a f…en bi..h and that I needed to go back to my country and her herself is not canadian. I didnt say anything to her but the lady waiting in line behind her told her off and told her that if she didnt like this store then she shouldn’t come in. anyways end of story were both victims

  54. good sharing, very resourceful. I like it in deed. I come acoss your website by yahoo search engine. I might read your site monthly and introduce it to my schoolmates. Please keep it fresh. Keep on the good work. - A colleage student

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