Horrible Customer Service at Real Canadian Superstore RCSS on Sargent in Winnipeg

by KathyN

I’ve never had trouble using printed coupons before until today…

The cashier called over to customer service, and this young man comes over and starts staying they cannot accept “PHOTOCOPY”, and when I said I got it off of their website, he says “Well then, you have to talk to them”.

Inside I was thinking, what have happened to “The customer is always right”?!?  He was rude and judgemental in accusing me of photocopying a coupon!

He could have simply said that they cannot accept the coupon…  And apparently RCSS doesn’t even accept cheques anymore — and companies like Ensure mail out cheques.  Soon we’ll have to take our business elsewhere!

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    BeeBee says...

    I’m sorry about that, the truth is some bad people changed the coupon’s value before they printed it out, therefore, the store can’t get the money back from the manufacturer that’s why they reacted like this.

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    hya_been says...

    I was an RCSS cashier a couple years ago and I find it understandable that the printed coupon would not be accepted. On the note of the cheques, I was a cashier in Ontario and I started in 2005 - we never accepted personal cheques, but we always accepted welfare and the coupons that were printed as cheques including Ensure, so hopefully you will not have a problem.

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    Carl says...

    A couple notes on this… a cheque from Ensure is not the same as a personal cheque, they don’t accept personal cheques for reasonable reasons. If they refuse a welfare, band or other cheque that is issued by a business - I’d ask to speak to a manager, because the cashier probably doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    As for the discussion about printed coupons, it’s quite common for someone to print a coupon. Look at the RCSS coupon wall, I could grab a stack and use the coupon again and again as long as I use different checkouts, and as for changing the value, really?? You’re worried about the one customer in 1000 that does this? It’s pretty rare and the loss you have is pretty slim.

    RCSS simply has bad customer service and they don’t care - I worked at one and they’re the worst kind of company. They were selling computers years ago, and would keep selling them even AFTER they were backordered, then told me to STILL quote two weeks even though it was taking up to 1.5 months to get them in. I told them I refuse to lie to customers, then got written up and the union was useless because you need like 500+ hours at part-time. The union dues are a joke and RCSS is a joke. RCSS and Wal-Mart customers get what they pay for.

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    AG says...

    That store on Sargent is a NIGHTMARE for customer service. It has lots of selection but the people at CS know nothing and the manager is extremely rude and has no concept of basic common sense.

    It took 2 bad experiences at that store but now I avoid it completely. However the CS at the store on Grant & Kenaston has always been fairly friendly and always helpful. I much prefer that one and, thankfully, they’re renovating the store now - it was in dire need.

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    Clayton Healey says...

    Ah, excuss me…”the customer is right” is a myth. There is such a thing called “customer responsibility.” Shoppers need to inform themselves as best possible and be courtious to staff as well. Some customers are actually abusive. Last week a customer actually hit an employee at my store. Why is it that people feel they can do anything they want when they shop because they have money in their pocket? Come on people!!

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    evil_broccoli says...

    just thank daphne and boo and all the people on this very site using and abusing fake printed coupons!!

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    Smite says...

    Are you serious? Personal cheques? Who even shops with those anymore? Most stores don’t accept them for very good reasons. Just use debit.

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    Joyce says...

    Personal Cheques??? Hahha, you got to be kidding me! What year are we living in? Actually, let me rephrase that… what decade are we leaving in.

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    Paul says...

    Rule #1-The customer is always right
    Rule #2-The customer is always right
    Rule #3-Refer to rules 1 and 2

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    kerry says...

    I had trouble with internet coupons last year at stores like safeway,and shoppers drug mart.Sometimes its so embarrassing like your trying to cheat them.This year I have found that all employees have been informed to accept internet coupons.I have used the ensure cheques at london drugs,shoppers,walmart and the superstore with no trouble.

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    STFU says...

    If I was the clerk I would have told you to shove those coupons up your ass, and to not stop pushing until you barf up shit covered coupons, you douche.

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    linda robertson says...

    I am very disappointed with the look of the parking lot - always strewn with garbage and usually the garbage containers are filled to overflowing. Then you come in the store to the basket area and it obvious that it has not had a good cleaning in many years. This sure takes away from the store - it looks inner city. We note the same at the warehouse.

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    Nancy says...

    I live in Kamloops, BC and I will tell you that our RCSS is just as bad! There is one really nice customer service rep but as for the rest of the staff, especially the front end supervisors…….As for the “fake” coupons…I rely on internet sites for my coupons as I do not receive the newspapers with the flyers in them and I have never had any trouble using them…..Thanks!

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    James says...

    The customer is always right has done more to ruin good customer service than anything before or since that phrase first came into use.
    When the customer is always right then the only logical next step is that the employee is always wrong and if the employee is always wrong than the employee is always unhappy. If the customer is always right then how can a business ever say no? The customer can be COMPLETELY wrong but wait, they’re right???? A good business will do the right thing to make a customers experience positive but not at the expense of a good employee or if the customer is obviously being unreasonable.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    Kathy, does it surprise you that Superstore has horrible service??

    That is why I shop at my local Safeway. Their service is second to none.

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    TC says...

    I’m sorry to say, but the customer isn’t always right. There are many times where customers do not have their facts straight nor do they fully ready coupons or advertisements.

    That being said, this cashier probably should have taken your coupon. That and the way he addressed you and the situations were wrong.

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    TC says...

    I’m sorry to say, but the customer isn’t always right. There are many times where customers do not have their facts straight nor do they fully read coupons or advertisements.

    That being said, this cashier probably should have taken your coupon. That and the way he addressed you and the situations were wrong.

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    unfair employee says...

    Wow so I just recently hired in there a month ago, then everything goes smoothly…A few minor mistakes that is not a big deal. My supervisor called me yesterday basically saying she’s letting me from the job. I asked her for what reason then she just said that its not in the standard something like that…with so many excuses shit like this….I asked her if she could be more specific then all she can say is not gonna work-out…I feel that the decision that have been made by supervisor and one of the store manager is likely unfair to me…I feel disappointed to what I realized cause they didn’t even discuss with me first or give me just diciplinary action if I have done something wrong because I know I never steal or made criminal action that could have been cause termination..one of the manager in there and I talked to him about it and he said that they can’t tell what is it the cause why I am terminate from the company…I mean really? I don’t have right to know why I am terminate? you just simply kick me for not giving me simply reason, all they give to me is a bunch of bullcrap, IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES without any just importance! .I am very aware of the rules, I am very aware of my job, I am very aware of law….I haven’t sleep since last night because I was thinking about what did I do wrong then I came in this morning and went to C.S hoping that I could find some answers about this, so the one of the manager was came to me and I was gonna shake hands to him and say good morning. he seems more unfriendly this time because he never want to shake hands with me he said “we already talk about this” so he walked away with me in the way out and he just said that “you may go now, the decision has been done”. I mean really…what a great manners from one of the manager in RCSS.

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    Anonymous says...

    The customer is NOT always right and you never will be ALWAYS RIGHT. People are often misinformed and sometimes are just plain wrong. People shouldn’t abuse workers because they don’t get what they want. They’re no better than spoiled brats.

    However, on the business’ side, I have had my run ins with the supervisors and managers at RCSS. I quit because I was treated like sh*t once I found out how they really run things. Otherwise, I haven’t had a problem with RCSS.

    btw, who writes cheques anymore except for large payments ie. what’s beyond your credit card limit?

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