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By Ashley

My hubby and I decided to order a Keurig Coffee Brewer from on Christmas Day. We were very happy to see that they were offering free shipping on orders over $20+. We placed our order, and we were sent a confirmation email. I was expecting to wait several business days since Canada Post was closed Monday, Dec 27th and Tuesday, Dec 28th because of the holidays. I was shocked to get home and find a delivery notice in our mailbox on Wednesday (Dec 29th) for our shipment from future shop! I’m very happy with the service and price we paid, and will definitely order again from website.


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    EEE says...

    It’s so nice to see a positive review!
    Thank you. I just ordered a washing machine from their website, even though they charge $55 for delivery of big items, I still find it reasonable.

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    sally says...

    Thats great! They ususally are pretty speedy, but I just cancelled an order that had a been just sitting in limbo since December 1st, I was too lazy to call it in so I just clicked cancel haha.

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