Alaska Airlines “Kids Fly Free”

By Zook

We were excited to see that Alaska Airlines is offering their ‘kids fly free’ promotion, as we are planning a Disneyland trip for Spring Break. Well, after plugging in all the numbers on the booking website, and after numerous calls to the Airline, we discovered, to our shock, that it is actually CHEAPER to pay for our kids’ flights and book our own hotel. We discovered on our last call to the airline that they are using the non-sale price for the adult tickets and with all the add-ons, you are tied to the hotel rate they give you. So don’t book the ‘kids fly free’ package and expect that you are getting a deal.

2 Responses to “Alaska Airlines “Kids Fly Free””

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    sally says...

    Its like any promo they mess around with the prices or make the kids seats like 20 bucks anyways but then you have to pay the surcharges which with some airlines are the major price of the ticket anyways.

    Just like sometimes sales will be take 99 off, then the next week its take 12% off which works out to be the same.

    Always check into things because they same thing almost happened to me with Westjet and the kids fly free.

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