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By Boyzmom33

I do most of my Christmas shopping online, it makes life easier as I can take my time to find the right gifts for people and I don’t feel so rushed.

I placed 4 online orders with Sears alone this year, plus other stores and had no problems EXCEPT one.

I placed one of my orders with Sears on Nov.25. Once my order was placed they sent me an email to state one of the jackets I ordered for my nephews was on backorder but would be delivered Dec.23. Pretty close to Christmas so I called to confirm and was told yes I would receive it at my house on Dec.23.

Today I called just to make sure once again, as they have no easy way to track your orders, and was told that my order was cancelled???

Apparently it was cancelled by their warehouse on Dec.1 as they realized they could no longer get stock. At NO time did anyone try to contact me or notify me. They never called or emailed me and they didn’t issue a credit to my c.c. either, which would have got my attention and prompted me to call.

I am very upset. Today is Dec.23 and I now have to try to find an equal gift for my nephew as his brother’s jacket came in from Sears no problem.

The part that I find most upsetting is they didn’t even care about not notifying me. No reason or excuse or apology and they only offered to issue me a refund? I think I am entitled to a refund on something I never received….they made no attempt to help me such as offering to call a store to see if they have it and I could go pick it up? I also asked if I could order a different jacket and pay extra to have it overnighted and was almost laughed at….she said are you kidding it’s almost Christmas?

Really??? I know that and am now in a dilemma because of your staffs incompetence…I will NEVER shop at Sears again, online, in store or by catalogue……Now I have to try to find an NHL jacket to match his brothers with less then 24 hours of shopping left….

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    sally says...

    Hmmn, generally you would receive a cancellation notice, its odd you didn’t. Did you check your spam box and such?

    Biggest thing with call centres… you get someone rude you simply hangup call back and get a different agent.

    I’m sorry this happened to you but I never ever trust backorders as its completely out of the companies hands and in the manufacturers hands.

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    glowworm2k says...

    That’s too bad that the company didn’t contact you sooner to make things right. It’s very troubling to me that they wouldn’t have credited your account right away when the order was cancelled - that should certainly be done immediately when an item has already been billed to you.

    I hope you were able to find a comparable gift… If I have something I really need and a firm date that I need it by, I always try to get the item in store - it may be overly cautious, but I never quite trust the delivery policies (and my worries have been proven valid a few times)…

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    dawn says...

    They would not credit the acct you are not charged until the item comes in so if you look at your acct that would not tell you that it had been canceled when ever I order and it is a BO item I call at least once a week to make sure it is still on order . and for me they have always called when they have a problem with an item and offer me a discount on my next order .

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    boyzmom33 says...

    @Dawn…..actually I was charged the full amount at time of purchase, they issued the credit to my c.c. on Dec.23 when I called, I checked my statement.
    @Sally, yes I did check my junk mail and inbox, I always do before deleting especially when I have alot of online orders in process.
    I order online alot, and this holiday season I dealt with quite a few….softmoc,,, the source and sears to name a few, and sears is the only one I had a problem with. I do understand backorders, I actually work in retail and have to deal with backorders alot, but their complete lack of follow through with notification and not caring is what angered me. I checked online afterwards and found quite a few complaints about sears and alot of them sounded like the same story……canceled orders and not notifying the customer, seems to be something they better work on quickly…..they are trying to save money by outsourcing so much but are losing quite a bit on the service end of it. This goes for their call centers, parts centers etc…

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    dawn says...

    I never get charged until they ship and it is received in my store in my town and I have never been charged on an item that is delayed or back ordered .

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    boyzmom33 says...

    @Dawn, the difference might be because I had them delivered to my house not the instore pickup. I do know all 4 of my orders were charged in total when I orderd them, including the backordered item….

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    dawn says...

    We always have it sent to the store that way when it comes in we look it over right at the store and if it is wrong or damaged we do not have the problems with a return .

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    Roche Runo says...

    Items sent to store are not charged immediatly because the customer may change their mind and use cash to pay. This way no refund has to be done first should the customer change their mind at the counter for some reason. This would cause the customer to pay twice until the refund appeared back on the CC

    I suspect at christmas time there were just to many issues to handle and you got for gotten. I hope you contacted customer servers and ask for something for your trouble. If you are nice about it the girls are usually pretty good about offer you a gift certificate

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    Amb says...

    I have ordered through Sears Canada, and the last several orders I have placed, probably 5 years in a row, I ordered ONLINE - an item that said IN STOCK. My c.c. was charged immediately on purchase, each and every time, whether I had it sent to a catalogue outlet or directly to my home. EACH AND EVERY TIME, on checking on my order online within a couple of days, it was changed to “backordered” and a date of a couple weeks away given. Each time, my item ended up being cancelled, either by them or by myself after several weeks of waiting and and hearing NOTHING from them regarding the delivery dates being pushed off even more. When I finally call them, they admit that the order may not EVER become available, and it would sit on backorder forever, as I’m sure they wouldn’t send you a refund unless you called to complain. They TAKE YOUR MONEY for items they do not even HAVE TO SELL.

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