Walmart at Guildford, Surrey, BC

By tink30

I bought a pack of Duracell AAA batteries from the Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC location on Boxing Day. When I opened the package at home and put some in my child’s toy they didn’t work. I then realized they were covered in battery acid and it was burning my hands and there was white powdery acid all inside the package. Tonight I returned them to the store and I wanted to get a new package so I went to the same area I got them from before. I noticed that every package had battery acid leaking in it! It was a big skid of batteries that was located in front of the washrooms/McDonalds area. They all didn’t expire until 2016 but there was obviously something wrong with them. I grabbed several of them to show a cashier. I asked for the store manager and she told me I would have to go to customer service. I stood in line at customer service (long line of returns) and then was told that they couldn’t deal with it, I would have to go to the photo lab. Another cashier told me she would take care of it and tell the photo lab. I did some more shopping and an hour later I went back and noticed that the same skid of batteries were there and that lots of people were still buying them. I told one lady looking at them to not buy them and she looked at her package and put them back. These batteries need to be removed from the store right away! I was very frustrated that nobody could call a manager for me, and I even tried three times to call the phone number listed under the manager at the front of the store but there was no answer.

Also, I realize that it has been a very busy week for all of the stores, but this Walmart is going way down hill. The escalator is constantly out of service, and the woman’s washroom has 2 stalls out of order (including the wheelchair stall) and is a flilthy mess. The store is very dirty and messy. Everything I wanted in their flyer was out of stock (cat litter, Royal Toilet Paper, etc). I wanted to order a ring that wasn’t available in my size and the jewlery department told me they couldn’t help me because the girl that normally works there is away and they don’t know when she will be back. I will no longer shop at this Walmart after my experiences tonight.


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    dawn says...

    When some thing like this happens call OHS have them come out and look at the store they might find that a few fines could be what is needed to fix things like this .

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    Sandie says...

    Not that it is an excuse but the reason they have let that store go to the dogs is most likely because they are adding onto Guildford Mall to make the Wal Mart into a SuperCenter with groceries and bakery. I have found from my experiences with Wal Mart lately that they are not following proper pricing conduct either. This week they have Pampers and Huggies advertised for 25.97 and when I went to buy them there is a price sticker on them that says the price is 24.97, but it rings up at the 25.97 price. I did some further digging into other Wal Marts and found the same thing with different Diapers that were not the ones advertised. So customers be aware of what you are paying for at Wal Mart. I think that this is done on purpose to screw over concsumers and make them more money.

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    dawn says...

    That sounds like Extra Foods they say one thing and do the other all the sale prices this week were not entered into the tills so you are charged the wrong the price .It looks like wall mart is not the only store we have to keep an eye on the till price .

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    Alex says...

    Wal-Mart flunks price accuracy tests, pays $1 million settlement

    “For five years, state inspectors in Arizona went into Wal-Mart stores to check whether the prices paid at the register matched the price they were supposed to be sold for. The results weren’t pretty: Wal-Mart flunked more than half of the 976 inspections.”

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    vicki says...

    I overheard one of the employees tell another customer that this particular walmart gets all the leftovers from the supercenter in whiterock, so shop there first. I usually go to the one in langley instead. I guess when the new one is built, it should be better, I hope.

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    couponfreak says...

    As this is battery acid and a large amount of it I probably would have phoned it in to poison control and asked them the proper procedure for dealing with it on yourself.then I would have notified OHS would also have taken a few pics for them to work with and emailed them to them (including shoppers handling said products)

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