Bad Experience at Sears

By Jackj

Washer - won’t spin -called sears - had to wait a week for a service call @ $99.00. They could only tell me they would be here between 10am - 2:00pm … I waited all day a whole day off work. I called my wife who looked up the sears number to aske were they were. 1/2 hr. latter I got a call from Sears service to tell me I needed to call the service person had come and I wasn’t there (this is my house number that she called to tell me I wasn’t there) I told her that I was there all day he must not have come to the right address - she said he did. I asked if he left a card etc. she said he did - I went to the door - no card in the door the mail box etc. I went back to the phone - told her that he wasn’t there - that I couldn’t take another day off work she said she’d check if he could come back and call me - I am still waiting for the call.

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    megs says...

    That made my head hurt. Hello, spell check.

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    B.Mcphee says...

    This is for posting experiences and getting advice or constructive criticism back,not grammar nazism.I would call them again and just mention that there was no card or indication they had been there,and they should not charge you for this service call. if they cannot verify the proper address then that is their problem.

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    Lisa says...

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    dawn says...

    Can you call the store that you bought the machine from may be they can get them to you faster if the sears dealer is the only one around and you get most of your stuff from them just tell them you wont the problem fixed or you will start shopping out of town . We order from the catalog a lot but for bigger items like this we get the store to order if they do not stock that way if they wont us as a customer they will make sure it is worked out also in my area the service rep stops at the store when they are in town on calls .

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    Gazpache says...

    I hate Sears’s delivery service. I ordered a bed through them 2 years ago. They said it would be delivered on a Saturday between 9am-1pm. So I got up extra early, dismantled my current bed and waited, and waited and waited. I called them at 2pm asking if they knew how much longer it might be as I had errands to run. They said it should be there within the hour.
    I called again at 4pm asking where it was. They said it would be there within the hour again.

    I had someone from the call centre call me at 7pm asking if the bed had gotten there yet. Now that was nice that they were checking up on me, but the stupid thing still hadn’t arrived.

    The bed finally showed up at 10pm, brought in by guys who reeked of smoke, my BED reeked of smoke and they refused to bring it into the room that the delivery order said they had to.

    I spent literally the whole day waiting for them while I had other things to do and I got the run around by the company. They wouldn’t even apologize for the extended wait.
    I was furious. If I hadn’t been so exhausted from waiting and needed a bed badly at that point, seeing as my old one was out in the snow in the backyard because I dismantled it… I would have returned the dang thing. I doubt I’ll ever deal with them again.

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    jeff89 says...

    By JackjWasher - won

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    angelachaobella says...

    Sears say they offer a 5 yr warranty but none exist

    please read my experience and make sure this never happens to anyone else. Comment and repost!!

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