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By Sally

This was my 20th order with and each order I have always been happy with the timely manner I have received my items. Even more impressive was that they shipped my order on Thursday and I received it on Friday even though it wasn’t scheduled to be here until the 4th of January. (Kudos to Canada Post)

Not only has their shipping services always been great but their prices are generally very competitive and in stock.

If you haven’t shopped at before I highly recommend them!


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    Ashley says...

    That’s great! I love too, they are fantastic and always ship super quick :)

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    Eeyah says...

    Great to know :) I’ve been humming and hawing about them for awhile….currently I am about 5 min away from completing my first order! :)

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    MJ says...

    I love Amazon, both .ca and .com have always been excellent and their customer service is amazing……

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    Diane says...

    Glad to hear a positive review!!! I’ve been happy with Amazon, too.

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    Big Bob says...

    Amazon is awesome, the wife loves it.. always a delivery on the way super fast too! Remember kids Happy wife = Happy life!

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    Anon says...

    I recently ordered from, I was so surprised when it arrived early than expected.
    Will order again.

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    MusicLover says...

    Based on my experience, I feel that Amazon is really about the customers. Customers are always right and that they are treated to be like Kings. I only had good experience with this company.

    I recently went to HMV to purchase CDs but I am going back to Amazon. HMV has terrible return/refund policy and all they care about is making profits. They are not centered on “customer service” but only servicing themselves.

    Amazon with great deals and care for their customers, I am hooked!

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    Nick says...

    Love amazon also
    This happened Nov24 and 25th of Nov/2011
    Seems to be a bit of a price war for this weekend(not sure if it will last past NOV30th) on Photoshop 10. Staples started with 59.99, amazon match 59.96 (yesterday)WITHIN SECONDS on their site. Then today dropped to 49.99 and now Future shop has dropped to this price also.Competition finally at work!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Make sure you tell them about a competitor’s lower price so that we all can benefit to the lower price.

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    Jen says...

    A ordered a book from and received it with gunk over many of the pages. offered a full refund without having to send in the book! (probably because I have placed several orders on I am so happy with their amazing service!

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