Issue with Mattress from Sears Canada

By Mari

I bought a mattress from sears brentwood about 5 yrs back

It was on of these you don’t turn over pillow top not one of these huge pillow tops.

Anyways after 3 yrs a bump developed in the middle of this king size mattress

So we found our bill called sears they sent some guy out who measured the mattress he said if the bump was 1/2 inch more we would be under warrenty. my husband and I vowed never to buy a mattress from sears canada again this mattress and boxspring was about 1300.00 dollars alot of money and it was my idea to deal with sears as I thought they were an honest company.

Now its been 6 yrs. and we are going to buy a new mattress and box spring cause its so uncomfortable, this time we’ll buy from costco.

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    vicki says...

    same here. I had to put rolled up towels under the mattress to raise it up again. it helped somewhat. I bought my kids mattresses from sleep country clearance in Delta, they are great mattresses for a much more reasonable price. we will most likely go there for our new bed too.

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    dawn says...

    We had a problem like that just after we bought ours but we went to our store in town and told them to fix the problem or we would do are shopping out of town they call sears head office and we sent our old one back and received our credit and then went to another store .

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    sally says...

    I had that problem with a mattress from the brick, I honestly think its poor manufacturing of mattresses on a whole. My friend that works at a mattress store said cut the warranty in a third thats how long its going to be comforatable for, and the warranty usually doesn’t cover anything.

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    Brian Abery says...

    I thought I was the only one,I will not be purchasing a mattress from THE BRICK, the quality and workmanship leaves alot to be desire.

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    dawn says...

    We have one from the Brick a high priced model and it is the best we have ever had .

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    sleepless says...

    so tell me what the great matress that you bought next is? I am hunting for a good one too.

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    Tammy says...

    I have also had a similar issue with SEARS. We have a queen size Sears-Opedic and after 2 years the mattress was sagging. Sears has voided our warranty as we did not have a center support on our bed frame. We were not told at the time of purchase, or the time of delivery that we required one. We’ve had this same bed frame for over 12 years and have never had a problem with our previous mattress (which lasted over 10 years!) Sears will not take responsibility for this issue and I am very disappointed. We have always purchased our major appliances with them and I THOUGHT they had good customer service. I’ve since cut up my Sears card and will not step another foot in any of their stores! :(

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    Roche Runo says...

    Tammy I am curious did the instructions tell you must have a center frame. Or was there a picture showing a center frame. If not, you may have a case. If however there were instuctions tell ing you then sadly you are out of luck

    Hope the instructions are wrong. Good Luck

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    Kashif says...

    I bought a queen size Stearn & Foster (high end Sealy brand) from Sears in Jan2012. The mattress has sagged 1 3/4″; inspector came and prepared the report, however they noticed that there is no centre support, so my warranty is void. I am going to fight this now, since there is no sagging in the foundation, so how a mattress can sag due to a frame issue when the box below is perfectly fine? But really really disappointed

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    Al says...

    Bought a single bed from Sears. Less than two years later my daughter complains that it is sagging too much . . . there is a “pocket” where it has collapsed.
    We call Sears and the warrantee guy came and measured it. He noted that it was sagging by about 2 inches and he took pictures. When I hadn’t heard from them after two months I call. The lady said that because there were “stains” the warrantee was “VOID.”
    She said she had a picture of the mattress that showed two stains. I asked her where they were and as I talked to her I took a damp cloth and wiped the “stains” off, in about 10 seconds. I think the “stains” were probably my daughter’s makeup coming off as she carried the mattress to the other bedroom because she did not like this mattress.
    I explained to the lady that the “stain” was not a “stain” at all and that all the warrantee guy had to do was rub it off. She said it was not his job to do this and that our warrantee was void because of the “stain!”
    Of course, now our issue is suppose to be with the warrantee company, not Sears. I think Sears needs to warrantee their product in the manner they want to be represented because it is their reputation on the line. I bought from Sears, like other, because I had always heard how great their warrantees were. This appears to be wrong. I am tempted to take them to small claims court. I am also thinking of taking my perfectly clean saggy mattress to their store and stand outside to show prospective costumers how their warrantees work.

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    Blair says...

    I have also had an issue with a saggy mattress from Sears. The mattress is 14 months old, high density foam, and was quite expensive. The inspector found it sagged 1 1/2 inches. Due to no center support Sears advises the warranty is void. The mattress before this one, on the same bed, lasted 12 years without complaint. Sears has now lost our business.

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    vallie says...

    I love SEARS. I purchesed an expensive queen pillow top in Nov 2004. Early this spring 2012 I noticed a squeek now and then on one side. Called SEARS in September, they sent a service rep out. He measured, pushed etc on mattress. Few days later they called and told me to go and pick out a NEW SET. I did that middle of September but unfortunately I went from pillow top to FIRM. They actually delivered the new set and took away the old one. It was way to firm for me so they then gave me a PLUSH mattress 3 weeks later which suits my body better and they delivered that one too. I have had no problem with warranty, 90 day comfort guarantee etc. I know here in the Maritimes, the customer is treated very well. Thank you SEARS

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