Kitchener AutoClub SCAM

By Clare

This story is VERY SCARY which just happened to us.

I was a member of Kitchener Auto Club, a garage located at Victoria St. S Kitchener.

Owner KEN MARTIN misled us to buy maintaince service YOU DON’T NEED and lied to us to replace things that is UNRELATED!!

KEN told us to replace four Oxgen Sensors ONE at a TIME, that is JUST for diagnosing purpose!! The cheapest one cost $250, for so-called “process of elimination”, can you believe it??

For a misfire issue, any mechanics knows that has nothing to do with sensors, even if all sensor broken down won’t make car shaking. But KEN made up story said he wants to replace them all!! Worst!! I phoned retail store found out KEN made 80% profit just by selling us that part!!!

Eventualy KEN said he found the problem, simply a P.C.V. hose needs to be replaced. And then told us we also need to use “New-Engine flush” kit cost $120, which is Mandatory for fixing this issue. Later we found that’s just $11 at PartSource, for regular maintaince, totally irrelevent to the P.C.V. hose!!

Another customer we met the other day also so-called “club member”, who just paid $700 for four regular tires bought from KEN!!

This is their website:


5 Responses to “Kitchener AutoClub SCAM”

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    tan says...

    two word can say it all>> BAD SERVICE. :(( NOT HAPPY…!

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    harold says...

    They are now closed - Place is empty - they left obviously in a hurry

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    Peter says...

    They sure did leave in a hurry owing alot of people alot of money. Does anyone know who their bankruptcy trustee might be. I was a supplier of Kitchener Auto Club and am trying to recover my money. I may just sell it to a collection agency who will relentlessly hunt this man down. \hope you read this \ken. I’m coming for you. PAY ME! OR ELSE!

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    fred jones says...

    just so you all know ken has owned and failed at many businesses i guarantee he has a cache of money somewhere from all of you suckers and was ready for this, none of you will see a cent ,he will just use someone else in his next venture(make money under someone elses name) ,he is a user and a loser all in one!!this time i think he should head for mexico!!

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    JOE says...

    Ken Marting is a Scam Artist, Liar, cheat, frauded me and many others I know where you live and coming after YOU Ken you Snake. YOU will be behind bars where you belong

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