Virgin Mobile: No Refund

By Fredericton, nadda virgin mobile town

Recently purchased a Fredericton, NB sim card with prepaid vouchers but it doesn’t work. I’ve visited the virgin store 3x to check why, had Virgin change the sim 2x and confirm my smart phone compatability.

I’ve called Virgin’s CSR’s about 9 times (over 9 day period) and I’ve been finally advised:

Answer: Go change your sim card (which I’ve already done.). Shocked that they cannot fix it I asked for my money back…they advised they do not provide refunds. End of story, no more options from Virgin.

Its kinda like a an old school mugging where they take your money and leave you nothing…expect I have a receipt this time.

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    Clippy says...

    You might want to give this a try.
    I had a problem with Virgin Mobile that the CSR’s either couldn’t or wouldn’t address.
    I went onto Virgin’s Facebook page, read through a ton of posts until I saw a company contact name and address.
    I sent a message to, explaining my problem in detail, it took a while but my issue was finally resolved.
    And yes, I did get my money back ….. eventually!
    Good luck!

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    sean says...

    FYI…no wireless provider issues refunds on top up cards.
    Question…are you using a Virgin Mobile Canada handset or an unlocked handset from another provider?

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