Shocking Customer Service From Sears Canada

By Unhappy Customer

sears has gone downhill very fast their customer service is shocking they are rude disinterested show no respect no interest in customers practically non-existent sales staff in departments who disappear as soon as they appear–you have to call for service they treat you like garbage this store is in promenade mall thornhill– do not go by what is on their website—they never have stock

besides all this, I was looking at a comforter, took it to the bed section to see if it would fit my bed sales assistant said I could, opened it up then asked the woman in bed section to please help me put it back in package she did within 5 minutes some woman comes charging over to me like a bull grabs the comforter out my hands opens it says I took pillow shams from another one I said I could not have and the sales assistant put it back!! she was so rude disrespectful didnt show courtesy “may I please open it up look inside” for example, grabbed it like a mad bull I flew out that store–anyway never go there because they never have stock, no assistance and bloody rude!! what a joke of a store and we are in Canada–where are ethics professionalism politeness manners customers come first customers come first a plesant shopping experience TRY TO RETURN as well to sears–what a nightmare anyway there are other stores who sell brands much cheaper and who are pleasant to deal with

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    Yikes says...

    If you talk anything like you write, no wonder you have problems with human interactions. The period key is two keys to the left of the “M” key on your keyboard, by the way.

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    Joe says...

    Ewww. I am disgusted at the fact that Sears lets just anyone open up packaged bedding, running their filthy fingers all across it. Who knows if that person picked their nose, or used the toilet without washing their hands afterwards, before handling the bedding?

    Usually stores post “Please do not open packages” signs in the bedding department.

    And how could someone not know if a Queen size comforter would fit their Queen size bed?

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    sandie says...

    Obviously JOE has never had to purchase bedding within the last 10 years. Mattress depth has a lot to do with a queen size comforter fitting a queen size mattress. There are mattresses out there that can go beyond 21″ depth making it quite hard to find a comforter that will hang down properly. This is why many people who have a queen size bed will just go up a size to the king depending on the style of bed that they have. Also most people who buy new bedding also know that it is common practice to wash it prior to use to get the dye and smell out of it as companies use a starch product to help keep it from really wrinkling in the package.

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    Joe says...

    @Sandie - a very thick mattress will affect your fitted sheets, not your comforter. If you have a thicker mattress and prefer more overhand, then you buy a King instead, exactly as you yourself said. Opening and handling the Queen comforter isn’t necessary because you either have a thick mattress and want the overhang or you don’t. It’s not like clothes or shoes where everyone cuts sizes differently, and you need to try on (or at least, take a good look at).

    My brother used to work at Zellers and Store Security caught some nasty old man doing something really perverted to the women’s underwear (he would sneak them into the change room with him) - and then putting them back, leaving them in the store for sale. True story.

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    Lucky says...

    I think you are all getting a bit distracted from the problem. The main issue is a Sears employee made someone feel disrespected and was rude to her. I too have felt this way from a Sears employee and I too have vowed to never used Sears again for any large purchases. No need to go into if someone is right or wrong for needing to check the size of a blanket or if someone uses a period key. That is really not doing anyone any good at all.

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    dawn says...

    Sears is not what it used to be but when you take some thing out of the bag how do we know that you put it all back in and if the person does not add a few things and trust me it does happen . I do not like the idea that some one has been in to some thing I may buy . so she may have been rude but she does have a job to do .

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    kittyboom says...

    The point is not to attack people about how they write or punctuation. customer service is horrible these days but so are customers. I cannot believe how many times I have gone shopping and found empty Tim Hortons cups all over the place, open packages with product left everywhere, not to mention the theft the associates have to deal with. All things aside, there is no good reason for the rudeness.

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