Lousy Customer Service at Shoppers Drug Mart

By Prim

I have been a customer at the Bloor and Young Shoppers Drug Store for many years. What I have experienced is the worst customer service ever. To day; Janurary 29 .2011. I went in the Drug Store to purchase 2 hand liquid soap. I approched the counter upon doing so I observed the staff a dirty blond lady talking to three men, they look like venders they were not customers.

She looked at me and ignored me, I then beckened to her I would like some service; she came, But clearly was not happy with me. She proceeded to cash my purchase during which she said” This counters is for cosmetic customers” I said to her there is no sign saying where customers should or should’t cash out. I said to her what am I. This was clearly a woman who has no idea what good customer service is. I was upset and ask to speak with the manager. After relating what bad service I was given; the manager said that was not what she said….I told him I am not surprised what she related was different , that’s what people like her do. The manager tried to apology which I felt was not sincere and said he will be looking at the tape . I said you do that and you’ll see I was alone at the counter. What he was saying if their were customers who were buying cosmetics then she the rude staff was in the right. Nasty and rude people should not be allowed to service the public.


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    batinkw says...

    Learn some proper English

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    Big Bob says...

    I can only imagine how polite you were if in your review here you call her a “dirty blond lady” also batinkw is right, your English skills leave a lot to be desired.

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    Muttgirl's Mum says...

    So, you are the psychic customer? You “think” the three men at the counter were sales reps? Wow.

    Most cosmetic reps are female. Those guys could have been trying to purchase something. I know my husband and sons shop together and are pretty useless in a cosmetic department.

    Your two bottles of handsoap couldn’t go through the regular line ups?

    You sound incredibly judgemental in every thing to do with this transaction

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    Joe says...

    I have shopped at that location a few times and I agree that the service is particularly bad. The owner (a pharmacist - an older Asian man) is known to be a cheapskate, and very unpleasant man to work for.

    The store has been caught by head office (customers called to complain) for selling expired and even used/customer-returned products in their clearance bins, and more than once. They actually got a formal warning over this.

    @Prim: Shoppers gets stinky about the cosmeticians looking after cosmetics customers. Cosmeticians are paid out of a different budget than the other staff; they have very high targets and mystery shoppers who go into cosmetics and test them. They have to acknowledge and sell products to customers in the cosmetics area, and if they don’t, it goes on their report card.

    @Big Bob - “dirty blond” refers to a hair colour: http://www.becomegorgeous.com/search-s1-q1-m1-a1-t1/dirty_blonde_hair_colors.html
    It isn’t an insult to the BA.

    @batinkw: I understood what Prim what saying absolutely perfectly. Guess I am significantly smarter than you.

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    Joe Blow says...

    “I am a customer”. Wow aren’t we all. Did you want a hero biscuit? Apparently consumers these days equate “good customer service” with “my every desire no matter how unreasonable”. You transaction was for 2 bottles of soap and yet you were so incensed you spoke to a manager and complained to a website. Get over yourself. All because she told you the proper checkout you should have went to. Not happy? Shop somewhere else. Save the whining for people that care. Next you’ll be wanting the cashiers to bow to you as you approach.

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    Theresa says...

    At least four of the people who have responded could work for Shoppers. They have mean-ness down to a fine art. You did not deserve the snarkiness of most of the comments.

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    Muttgirl's Mum says...

    Nope, I don’t work at Shoppers. It was my first post, so I’m flattered by the “fine art” comment.

    I just feel that too many people have this “I’m a customer and every clerk, waiter, cashier has to cater to my every whim”.

    I really am fed up of reading posts where the cashier is “dumb”, “stupid”, “shouldn’t be serving the public”.

    I wonder how many of these posters have ever worked in customer service.

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    tudorchick says...

    if you only had two items im wondering why they had a problem.if you had a cartfull of groceries,then yes…they were wrong to act that way over two items…

    i had a lady at walmart put her closed sign down just as i was unloading a cart at a regular checkout..i dint see the sign..she said “sorry i am closed”.i had unloaded 3 items at that point..”oh ok” i said and started to put them back in my cart..she took me anyway..but people kept lining up and throwing their items down..felt kind of sorry for the cashier..it was probably the end of her shift…

    but anyway…no excuse for being rude…

    and the first commenter…what is with all the grammar nazism? what do you have to contribute to the discussion?

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    AHHC says...

    In my point of view, if you are working in service industry, no matter any reason, you have to provide the best customer service to customers.

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    Togirl37 says...

    One more problem with the service industry is that no matter how good you are or bad you get paid the same. If you are very good you will eventually find a better job out of the service industry. I have worked in this field for over 6 years now because I just want something part time and low stress. I have seen the good and the bad in the employees and the customers. Everyone deserves a little room for error, don’t judge so fast.

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    John says...

    Shoppers is also widely known for treating their employees badly…..so don’t expect them to treat their customers any better.

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    Christina dourzi says...

    I was also treated very rudely at the SDM on 125 the Queensway. I complained to a customer service rep who ignored me. Then I complained to an assistant manager who was even ruder, then was shown the worst customer service in history by the manager called Angelo, and asked to leave the store! No comments from all the previous SDM employees, puh-lease, we all know who you are!

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    Mandy says...

    I am fed up with Shoppers Drug Mart. Each store has a different return policy, the products are overpriced, the service is bad and this outfit is on its way down.

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    Molly says...

    You have to understand how frustrating it is when you work in a department where you have a million things to do and someone who can easily go through the regular check outs insists on paying in your department. The cashier has no other responsibility than to cash your items through, but a floor employee has plenty of other things that need to be done. I work in a cosmetics area, not at shoppers though, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of times a cashier has told me they were bored and just standing around while I have been ringing people through and trying to finish my own work. I do realize it is our job, but it can get very very frustrating, especially if you have a manager that will yell if you don’t get all of your work done.

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    Mari says...

    I don’t go as much as I used to. Many of the name brand products they have are at Costco and I have lots of room for storage. Even if there is a cheaper price for something, who wants to be running back and forth to a store all the time for everyday items. My local Food Basics has cheaper prices on much of the same stuff. Even the Loblaws I shop at with my elderly mom has cheaper prices (and a good selection) on drug store and beauty needs. While two large Shoppers’ are near me and are well stocked stores (Fairview Mall and Warden and Huntingwood), sadly, there are lineups on Sundays and Holidays that are very long (one cashier usually). That alone will make me think twice about going in. Today I visited the new one at Sheppard and Victoria Park. The card section was so pitifully small. The cards for Valentine’s day were a mess with missing envelopes and the price of a baptism card was no less than $5.99. I went to the local dollar store instead. By the way this store just opened and it does not seem to be very busy at all. Seems to me that messy card stocks early in the morning mean that no one took any responsibility for the store when closing on Saturday night. The cashier answered another customer’s question with “I don’t know” That did speak volumes!

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    Martha says...

    I can guarantee you the cashier who said “i don’t know” wasn’t just asked where something is, he/she was probably asked which deodorant won’t give me a rash, or why they are not carrying the same products they had 30 years ago. The cashier is there to ring your stuff through, not hold your hand while you are shooping. There’s this thing called the internet that people should use to get their info from, not expect the $9.00 an hour cashier to help you with.

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    Martha says...

    I can guarantee you the cashier who said “i don’t know” wasn’t just asked where something is, he/she was probably asked which deodorant won’t give me a rash, or why they are not carrying the same products they had 30 years ago. The cashier is there to ring your stuff through, not hold your hand while you are shooping. There’s this thing called the internet that people should use to get their info from, not expect the $9.00 an hour cashier to help you with. You want better service, go to a place that specializes in those products and they train/pay better staff to know.

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    HF says...

    They let me pay for my items at the cosmetic counter mind you, that’s when I’m purchasing my powder foundation. Most of the cosmetic cashiers let you pay for items that aren’t cosmetics but they don’t HAVE to.

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    annoyed anna says...

    Omg I had a problem.with e bloor and yonge location today as well!!! I bought a watch at the college location and it didn’t fit so I tried to return it at the yonge location since its more convenient for me now they said they can only exchange it and not do a refund and to go back to the place where I purchased. And this was the supervisor. How stupid.. the return policy doesn’t state that it needs to be returned at the location bought it just says return to a shoppers. Ugh horrible service, I’m never going to that shoppers again…I’m just going to avoid it

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    Annoyed customer says...

    Id like to comment about the shoppers at kipling and dixon in toronto, i cant count the number of times i have been rudely treated at this store by pharmacy employee’s . Today they hung up on me because they couldnt bother answering my questions about the new law that allows them to renew precriptions. Easy to tell when a business dosent need your money!!!

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