Pricing Misprint at Canadian Tire

By irish

Store mislead by specifing a product that was on sale, when I went to purchase they told me that wasn’nt the product on sale. I stated to show me the product to which the assistant manager showed me a completley different product. When asked if she was the manager she stated yes. After approx 10 minutes of talking about the 7 tags that represented the product I originally had she stated she would contact the store manager. I stated you told me you were the store manager. This is another misrepresentation of Canadian tires part with assistant mangers that lie. She then contacted the little trogladite who was the store manager. When I brought up the issue of the product on sale in question being a reasonable customer who read the sale tag he stated that it was a misprint and it was not the actual product on sale. I laughed and stated he should take the 7 tags down and print them properly. Well he must have little man syndrome because he stated we will not! I stated you are then misrepresenting us as customers to a product that is not even on sale, furthermore I stated if I was to go and get any customer in the store they would also pick the item described in on the sale tag. The “manager Gord” stated that I was the 4th customer today to which I scarached my head and said well doesn’t that show you. I asked him to let me purchase the item at cost of sale price to which he said I can’t and won’t while the “assistant female manager began to laugh. I am so dissapointed as a loyal canadian tire shopper that this will discourage me from shopping there in the future. Customer service from the manager and lying assitant manager has gone downhill and I can only imagine the poor staff and angst they must feel working for two idots like these! I would have been fine if they noted the misprint and took it down to fix but not being the first customer to notice this and the mangers having attiude?? Good luck to this stores future treating people like this when walmarts around the block!

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    dawn says...

    You write head office give them the whole run down from start to finish and wait and see . also write a letter to the editor of the local paper .

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    sally says...

    I was really dissapointed at your choice of word “trogladite” which I had to look up and it means “a female who has been generously whipped with the ugly stick.”

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    Hmmm says...

    @Sally: Can these reviews not be edited if they contain inappropriate words?

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    Sally888 says...

    not the reviews themselves, but all the typos make me giggle.

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    L says...

    As someone that worked at Canadian Tire years ago I can let you know that the woman likely was not lying when she said she was a manager. Each area of the store (sports, housewares, seasonal etc.) each have their own manager. If you didn’t ask for the store manager to begin with she’s not lying.

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