Rude Customer Service at Canadian Tire

By Robert Chisholm

I went into Canadain tire at Dundas and Trafalger road in Oakville). to see if Canadian tire sold cb stuff.Ron was no help I had to ask him to chexk other stores.He Said maybe 403 and Dundas store might have it. So i drove over to that store at 5.30 pm on sunday to check it out I ask the guy at automotive counter were I could find cb and antenna’s. his answer was in the cage over there ? I ask him were He said over there? I told this guy he great customer service i would like is help to show me were cb radio s are.I waiting for 15 minutes then left. this employee was a total jerk. I will will will never shop at Canadain tire Again I had to many bad expreince with your staff members, you have lost a lot off sales from customers. I talk to people they rather go to parts source or walmart. and pay the price for good service.try shopping at a store your employees piss off a lot people. you should trying doing that show Under cover boss.. I bet you $200.00 your employess would piss you off and you would fire them

sincerly Bob

Never shopping at Canadain tire Again I can buy else were

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    Ashley says...

    FYI: Partsource is owned by Canadian Tire.

    That’s too bad you were treated so poorly by the employee. That’s never acceptable to be treated like that.

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