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By tigerdirect.ca

I recently ordered from tigerdirect.ca . I bought two items and received the first very quickly and was satisfied with the price/product.  The second item arrived two weeks after the first and is listed as

“Uniden DECT1560-3 Digital Cordless Answering System - 2 Extra Handsets and Cradles, DECT 6.0, Caller ID, Speakerphone, Store up to 70 Names, Silver/Black”

I purchased it believing it was an answering machine.  So when I got the phone two weeks later and saw that it wasn’t a answering machine just a cordless phone I called them.  I said that I had not opened the box but the box doesn’t mention anywhere that it was an answering machine and since that was in title…..perhaps they sent the wrong box.

He said that answering machines are just included now in cordless phones….which i know isn’t the case, as I did comparison shopping.  He told me to open it up and plug it in and I’ll find that the phones just have an answering machine.  Weird I know but I did not want to send it back at my cost in correctly.   I did open it and looked around for the missing answering machine, and it was not there.  I found the manual….and the manual mentions nothing about the answering machine. So I called up Uniden and asked if they may have sent me the wrong item.  They said that 1560 never has an answering machine.  So it wasn’t the wrong box.  It was listed wrong.  Not a huge mistake but it needed to be corrected.

I called back Tiger Direct asked them to remove the posting because it is false advertising…and let them know i would send it back

After hours on hold they want me to ship it back to them at my cost…give them a month or maybe more since I’m from Canada, to verify I returned it properly and then they’ll refund my money if everything is packaged correctly.  I needed a new phone system now.  I have to go pay out of pocket the shipping and for a new phone.  The savings wasn’t worth the trouble in this instance.  Its unlikely I will use them again.

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    Sabina says...

    Wow that sucks sorry to hear it my dad always use their site for computer stuff. Why would it take a month to make sure you returned it right?? I am sure they have a store near/in Toronto I have been there with my dad before. Well I hope you get your money back.

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    Moi says...

    I was curious, so I went to TigerDirect.ca and searched for the model number of the item in question (DECT1560-3). It looks like they’ve changed the description to read “Cordless Phone System” instead of “Digital Cordless Answering System”.

    It sucks that TigerDirect has a crappy return process, especially since this was obviously their mistake.

    Good luck to you!

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    James says...

    I found Tiger Direct to be good for small ticket items. The delivery is fast and the product has been good thus far. I wouldn’t trust them with high-priced items though.

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    meeeee says...

    i buy from tigerdirect.ca all the time… they are located in markham… not the states… so being from canada shouldn’t make a difference

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