Nickels Restaurant Montreal; False Credit Card Transactions

By Setrak

Well this is my first review here.  It’s simply to let people know to be aware of their transactions on credit cards when they go to Nickel’s restaurant on 1384 Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, Montréal.
I went there on April 10th with a friend.  I received my Visa statement which showed 2 transactions, one on April 10th for the correct amount, and another transaction a few days later for almost 100$.  I have opened a dispute.
So just be careful, they mnight be using credit cards for unauthorized payments.

6 Responses to “Nickels Restaurant Montreal; False Credit Card Transactions”

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    donna says...

    Are you sure you know what your hubby is up to? Could be a painful revelation when the receipt comes back signed by him

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    Judge Joe Brown says...

    I know my motto is to keep protecting womanhood and promoting manhood but it’s pretty clear your husband was with a hooker :\

    Sorry you had to find out this way Setrak.

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    Sabina says...

    I think it was just a mistake I don’t think they meant to do it. Where I use to work it happened twice in 3 years. Very easy to fix, I am sure no one cheating on anyone. You could always ask him if he went there for a business lunch.

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    Me says...

    Re: Judge Joe Brown:

    Where on earth did you see anything about a hooker when reading the review above? No where does Setrak mention if he or she is married, please do not assume, be rude, or immature.

    Double charging is quite common, especially with all the credit and debit card scams right now.

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    Chris says...

    It’s true that mistakes happen and I hope everything gets sorted out for you. I will add that the Nickel’s I used to eat at on Atwater has gone downhill since it’s been under new management a number of years back. I ordered the Grilled Vegetables and Melted Cheese Quesadillas and they left out the cheese! How do you make a mistake like that?!

  6. Hi I would like to find out where you found this blog template from I love it!

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