Extra Foods in Sechelt BC-Plant This!

By Louis Konkin

This is a heartfelt apology—

I went to the Extra Foods Sechelt branch today and got a lecture (twice from 2 separate personnel) on bringing plant materials into the store  to pay for them—Apparently, there was a till hidden on the outside set up for my convenience—-Also apparently, there were employees working there (again for my convenience) but they must have been near the hidden till the 15 minutes that I took to select the Dwarf Lillies—(After the lecture I felt like the Dwarf Lillies, dried out and unwanted)

I did not see the sign that said that I should pay for the plants on the outside and not inside—I felt really bad that I didn’t read the red sign with small print about the till because the lectures that I received after I took the plants in made me realize that the employees at that store are pretty adamant that such an incident should not happen again–(They said “next time” twice)——I can onIy imagine what the penalty would be if I did take plants in again—Perhaps I would be forced to work the plant area for a day at the BC minimum wage—- Now I feel better!! —Thank you for the opportunity to get the guilt off my conscience———I felt like my mother was there(she’s gone to a better place for 17 years now)——

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    Cheap says...

    I think that you were doing the right thing in the above situation.

    There is no reason why the employees should have lectured you.

    You should have lectured the employees:
    1. The store should have an outside till that is obvious and in plain site;
    2. It is the store’s fault that there was no one on duty at the outside till;
    3. The employees should have thanked you for going into the store to pay for your purchase when you could have left the store without paying when you did not receive outside customer service, and;
    4. As a customer, it is to your convenience if you can pay inside the store if you choose to do so.

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    Jessica says...

    I am a loblaw employee (I work at superstore, pretty much the same as extra foods though) and reading that completely upsets me. I usually work the Garden Centre till outside. Our till is located at the front of the store, not at the very back. Often people will pay inside and there is NOTHING wrong with that. If people need to go inside for groceries I always offer for them to pay inside.

    I would definitely call head office and talk to the store manager. That is just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

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    Sally Wilson says...

    I totally have begun to Hate this store ! It started out to be the end all and be all but over the last few years has gone quickly downhhill. I can’t keep up with the price changes every day ( Higher Not Lower) and it’s most frustrating . I really resent the mind games. The staff has become really surly and there are more RULES than I can keep up with.

    All of a sudden they have become a Parital Bagging Store and have laid off all the baggers. Now you have to pay for bags and bag your groceries. It causes huge line ups and everybody gets annoyed.

    You used to be able to take your couple of items ( nothing to be weighed, of course,) to the customer service counter. Got a hell of a Lecture the other day because, apparently, you can only do that now if your buying Cigarettes !

    I Hate Extra Foods !!!!!!

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    dawn says...

    Extra foods melville sk you have to take the stuff in side no till out side plants are not protected from the weather so if you do not get them the day they come they are not in the best of shape .

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    Madeliene says...

    AND ( FYI ) if any of the staff at EXTRA FOODS Shechelt cracked a smile I’m sure they’r heads would fall off…Very porely managed store.

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