Follow up to HMV Canada Issue

By Bill

Only when I called the property management of the mall was I able to obtain a link to their web-site. I managed to contact the customer service on-line, requesting to contacted about this complaint.

They would like to know all the details time etc. Thing is, all three staff members looked amused that someone would actually return something or would take the time to check.

Everyone, watch what you buy and take to time to turn the disc over and check if it’s new. When you pay 30.00 dollars or more for a DVD it should be new.

HMV did not seem really interested about my side as so much wanted to know more details about the store, time date. I do not feel that my concerns were properly addressed because if they really cared, I think they would offer a customer service line to handle these types of situations. They also would have inquired as to the amount of trouble I went through and would have shown more concern. Even offering me a phone number to personally talk about this issue but not to be. At his point, I’m not going to tell them, I just will not shop there any longer.

Buyer beware that next disc or DVD you buy just might have been used as someones play copy or worse a defect.


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