Staples/Adobe Scam?

By Dave MacGowan

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 is a great product. Unfortunately, my experience with Staples leads me to believe that they cannot be trusted.

I bought the product from a local Staples store for a super price of around $60. The price was even better considering the promise on the outside of the box of an additional $20 rebate. It was only after going through the major job of installing the software,that I discovered the small print on the rebate form packed INSIDE the box. Please note that I said “INSIDE the box.|

Basically, the rebate was not available for purchases made from Staples (and a couple other retailers). Despite 2 emails to Staples customers relations about this apparent ????? I have waited more than 2 weeks and have not received an answer other than the automated answer saying I would receive a response soon.

An honest mistake? Probably. But to refuse to deal with their mistake is inexcusable. Staples obviously doesn’t place much value on their reputation.


3 Responses to “Staples/Adobe Scam?”

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    Bill says...

    Hey, I’m with you this one. Poor customer service at some stores is becoming the norm. I directly blame the so called supervisors and the quantity of them.

    What really gets me, is when you go to a grocery store, and there is only one cashier working and three standing at customer service having a tea party. often times purposing ignoring the situation. i guess their personal life if far more important than customer service, or just doing the job they paid to do. I always look for other stores to give my business to when I find this. in this harried society every minute counts, so don’t waste our time.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Thats horrible!
    Dont they have a phone number for customer service? I would call, and make a fuss on the phone. Wow

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    TMac says...

    I was stiffed by Adobe/Staples as well and have had no success in dealing directly with Adobe. I just sent my information to CBC Marketplace and suggest you do the same. Maybe some bad publicity will help change their deceptive marketing practices. As for myself, no more purchases of Adobe products or dealing with Staples.

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