Poor Customer Service at Canadian Tire

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I went to canadian tire scott road to buy some paint. The lady was trying to help me was not sure what she was talking about because she was not from that department . So she called manager called Clare Woods . She called few times but she was keep saying that she is coming. But actually she was not. I went there to check that personally I was keep watching her she was not doing anything except talking and laughing with a staff member. Such a poor customer service. If the managers are like that what about the normal employees?


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    Bill says...

    Hey, I’m with you this one. Poor customer service at some stores is becoming the norm. I directly blame the so called supervisors and the quantity of them.

    What really gets me, is when you go to a grocery store, and there is only one cashier working and three standing at customer service having a tea party. often times purposing ignoring the situation. i guess their personal life if far more important than customer service, or just doing the job they paid to do. I always look for other stores to give my business to when I find this. It’s always hard to find staff at this store.

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