Above and Beyond Sevice at Rickis.com

By Sally

With all the negative reviews I think we need to praise good merchants as well. Last week I placed an order with Rickis online. A few days later I received a personal email apologizing that their system has mistakenly said my item was available but wasn’t in stock. Instead of just cancelling my items they searched around and found the item for me in-store and they would be sending it to me purolator no charge. What excellent customer service. Not only did they keep me in the loop but they went above and beyond to find the item for me. Thank you Rickis.com for the excellent personalized service.

5 Responses to “Above and Beyond Sevice at Rickis.com”

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    Ciel says...

    Yes, Sally, your situation is one of above and beyond service. The store must have been keen to get your sale! Not too many shops would do that at this time of year unless one was a regular and generous shopper.

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    Ashley says...

    Wow now that is great customer service! I agree, there are sooo many negative review son here, and rarely any positive reviews. I submitted a positive review of Clearly Contacts, and no one commented on it. It seems people only comment in negative reviews…. :(

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    Zay says...

    I agree that is great service. Good for you. We should comment more on the positive as well you are right Ashley.

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    Joe says...

    That is excellent service, and it is nice to hear a post that is positive and happy.

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    Kay says...

    Wow!! That sounds great!!! I wish all stores are like that.

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