Bad Experience at Canadian Tire

By Pissed

This store sucks, teller number 7 today looked like a 12 year old moron who had zero customer knowledge whatsoever. I spent 1 hour gathering over $100 worth of canadian tire crap to buy including a $2 salt shaker. After the child punched in all the items the salt shaker had no bar code on it. She called out for help and made us wait for about 5 minutes, then she called for a price check over the intercom, now been about 8 minutes waiting, she decides she will now cancel my items and without talking to me or anything she starts processing other customers in the line. I am now not only waiting with my wife and kids but i am now in the way of the other shoppers as I am still waiting to pay. I told the child working that I was not waiting any longer and would never return to Crappy tire EVER AGAIN

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    Marian2 says...

    I also have had problems with Canadian Tire tellers. They are supposed to price matches from other stores but the teller I went to didn`t know what I was talking about. I went to the service desk and the girl there told me never go to a teller because they don`t know what they are doing half the time!! I had $25. CT money and told a teller to redeem 20 towards my purchase and she redeemed 20 cents !! The other day a teller at the service desk was chewing gum and didn`t even say Merry Christmas or even hello !! My friend bought an 8 ft tree there and was offered no help getting it to her van. Poor service!! I complained to the store manager and he said the tellers receive good training. Well not good enough. This store is in big trouble (along with the local Zellers store who never have enough tellers or floor people) when Walmart comes to town.

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    B.Mcphee says...

    tellers arent supposed to take out items for you but they are supposed to call someone atleast. as for the price thing.she should have just honored what the price tag said instead of cancelling the whole order

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    Taylor says...

    Personally, I think it’s just as rude and ignorant for you to be calling her a 12 year old moron. I don’t think you would call your kids that, would you? Secondly, while she should of communicated with you that she would have to take another customer to clear up her line, it’s not her fault that nobody would answer her page. At 18 I’ve worked in retail for 3 years, and I’ve held a lot more dignity than someone who would go on an ignorant rant on the internet about a “moronic child”. So before you call someone a 12 year old moron you should re-evaluate the things you say.

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    cdamom says...

    Taylor- I think the poster was being facetious. You do know what that means don’t you?

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    Joe Blow says...

    ACtually I don’t think the poster was being facetious. Sounds to me like a typical “I’m not happy so I’m going to demean those involved” type. I think Taylr was 100% right. The poor girl at the check out was trying to do the right thing (keep the line moving) but didn’t communicate it well so this guy calls her a moron. Who knows what (and how) was said to her at the time. She needed a price check and wasn’t getting any response. Instead of this guy being mad about the right thing (lack of staffing…No response…etc) he takes it out on this poor cashier. For those of you with daughters that work in retail on a register…Ask yourself this…Would you want them treated the way I am envisioning this guy treated this kid? Customers get downright rude and nasty at checkouts and there is no excuse for it. Treat others as you would like (or would like for your children and spouses) to be treated.

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    Maria says...

    I had bad experience with Canadian Tire as well.I bought a humidifier, when I tried it at home, I understood, that it’s impossible to use it in apartment, it was so noisy.When I tried to refund it, I explained, why I need to refund it. Worker in customer service said me, that becouse I used it, they can’t receive it back… How could I know about quality of electronics without switching it on?…
    It was a lesson for me for 23$. Humidifier cost 23$. Now I prefere to buy at another stores.

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    Maria says...

    It happened in Calgary, on March 5th, becide Marlborough station.

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