Poor Service at Real Canadian Superstore

By Nipper

I recently visited Super Store in Thunder Bay , Ont. , I went to the pharmacy to try to order some accessories for my Pro Active TENS machine which I purchased from them and have ordered spare electro pads before . I wanted to get spare electro wires , they hummed and hawed , went to the back and finally came back and told me they could not order them for me and that I would have to order direct from the supplier and walked away , leaving me standing at the counter . What has happened to customer service???? I buy all my groceries and prescriptions from this store if this is the kind of service I will be getting I will shop elsewhere. I contacted the supplier told them what happened , they were really supprised and said they could have ordered no problem , they gave me the name of another supplier in Thunder Bay , which had them in stock . It seem like you have to much business to care about the small sales and look after your once loyal customer .

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    Joe says...

    A lot of stores will stop ordering merchandise from a manufacturer if very few customers are buying the items anymore. Sometimes the decision comes from their Head Office and individual stores have no say in the decision. We used to make exceptions on hard to find items (like Revlon dandruff shampoo for a regular customer) at the Shoppers Drug Mart I used to work at, but it took a lot of work to deal with that supplier (from some strange reason, it wasn’t Revlon at all, but a different company that made their dandruff shampoo) and often the supplier took forever to ship out the shampoo, leaving the customer annoyed thinking we never ordered it for her at all. By the time it arrived, the customer had found it at another store, leaving us stuck with product absolutely nobody would buy (fortunately, she changed her mind, and did come in and buy them anyways).

    Also, every manufacturer will have minimums on quantities they will ship to a retailer, so even though you only needed, say 6 pads, the manufacturer may refuse to sell RCSS less than 24, leaving them stuck with stock they can’t sell. I don’t expect the manufacturer to tell a customer that information, because they want you to blame the store, thinking there is absolutely no reason for them not to bring the items in.

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    dawn says...

    Go back to the store on another day talk to another person you will get a different answer they do that at the store I shop at . And do what I do every time stuff like this happens write customer service at Lob-laws and tell then what you think of this store and staff . and like me I no longer shop Lob-law stores unless I have to .

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