Zellers Canada

By Brock

Ever notice when you use a coupon at Zeller’s that they only apply the discount after taxes?

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    Sandie says...

    If you read your coupons it states that customer is responsible for any taxes. This is a legal practice.

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    Lisa says...

    Sandie is right. This is normal practice for all stores, not just Zellers. If you look up the tax laws, you’ll find that this is what they are supposed to do with cents off coupons (Free product coupons are a different story.)

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    brunt says...

    This is the correct interpretation of tax law as well from my understanding.

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    Iwannadeal says...

    lol Jenny that’s not very nice. Maybe the person really did not know.

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    Mesprag says...

  6. Do flights always cost the same amount of airmiles at all times of the year?

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    kay says...

    You pay taxes on the merchandise before coupons in all stores. The difference is the other stores take it off during the transaction so you think you’re not paying the taxes.

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