Horrible Service and Client Support from Weed Man

By jane

Do not trust anything you hear from Weed Man Sales or service. When we were deciding on which lawn care service to hire this summer we picked Weed Man because the sales representative told us that if the weeds were not dying that all we had to do was call their office and an inspector would be out within 24 hours. (not true) As well, we were told that they would begin the weed control service right away (we hired them in mid April and they did not apply weed control until May 16th, and that was only after I threatened to cancel their service after multiple calls wondering when they would start. ) After the first application - that did not work - an inspector came out, looked over the job and agreed that it needed to be treated again. He promised that it would be done by yesterday (which was 3 days after his inspection) . When I got home yesterday) it was clear they had not done the job so I called the nasty customer service person who finally let me speak to the office manager. She was unbelievably rude and told me that the reason I had weeds was because my lawn was not thick enough. SHE’S NEVER BEEN TO MY HOUSE. I never had weeds last year!! and all my neighbours are weed free because they were smart and went with a competitor. We fertilize and seed our lawn on a regular basis.

She finally said “what can we do to solve this?” I said I wanted service yesterday and she said “impossible” but that she would send someone today - Saturday, but that would only be weather pending. Another lame attempt to drag this service out over a long weekend ultimately not doing the work until mid to late next week! How can the competition still get the work done in the same weather conditions??

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    Iwannadeal says...

    We had Weedman last year and it was a total waste of money. Seriously, you can get the same results by doing your own lawncare, which is what we are doing now. Last year they actually did our last fertilizing of the year in the first week of August. Idiots!

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    Moe says...

    @Iwannadeal - a lawn care service needs to adhere to standards set out by the Provincial government regarding the usage of chemicals being applied to lawns. If people expect instant service around their personal schedules, with a complete disregard for laws or their neighbours who will exposed to the chemicals, they shouldn’t be bothering professionals in the first place.

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    JustSaying says...

    @Moe - I agree 100%.
    It sounds like the first poster has a legitimate complaint, but you need to understand that those chemicals are very hazardous and need to be handled by highly trained professionals. They can’t just hire a minimum wage teenager to be at your home right away, nor would you want them to. Those chemicals can cause serious damage to pets and children in the neighbourhood unless they are handled by someone who knows EXACTLY what they are doing.
    Iwannadeal - stop being so self-centered. You don’ need to pollute the environment and poison your neighbours, just because you want a pretty lawn. I find it shocking any layman has access to those chemicals themselves.

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    Iwannadeal says...

    The really toxic pesticides and herbicides are banned in Ontario, which is fine with me since I don’t have to have a beautifully manicured lawn. Which means the lawncare companies don’t really have a proven weapon against weeds. I just wanted someone to do the fertilizing and aerating. This year I’m doing the fertilizing myself–easy and cheap. By the way a teenager can do it too with some simple precautions. My poor lawn had to live thru the winter on fertilizer given in early August. They tried some things like Saritor for weeds, no effect. I’m saying there’s no need for a lawn care co anymore, so easy and cheap to do it yourself, properly, on a logical schedule. Most people in my neighbourhood are doing it this year.

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    Joe says...

    If the OP paid for a service, then she should get that service within a reasonable amount of time. If they can’t deliver within a reasonable amount of time, or she is not satisfied with what they delivered, she deserves either a refund - or at least a courteous explanation.

    There is no need to scold her and tell her to go and do it herself - she could be handicapped, elderly, or maybe has a job and kids and doesn’t have the time to do it herself. Which is probably why she decided to pay someone else to do it in the first place!

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    Nina says...

    We’ve had the same problem here in Guelph, ON. It is absolutely terrible and we have spent countless hours on the phone with their customer service trying to get our money back. (This happened last year). And they still wont leave us alone with the cold calls!!!! Weed man’s service is TERRIBLE!

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    Duncan says...

    We hired Weed Man late last year for service starting this spring. They have already come our 3 times and we haven’t had to call them yet. Our lawn looks amazing but we are sandwiched between two houses who do the lawn themselves and they are covered in weeds. Based on what we’ve experienced to date we will continue with the service next year. We’re in Pickering but I’m pretty sure it’s the Scarborough location that services our area.

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