St. Catherine’s Walmart

By sherbear609

I had no choice but to buy the baby his car seat ( 20 + pound one) I went to find someone for some help with it. (should have stayed home!) First person was really busy & tried to help…but when you have 5 ppl waiting for help, I gave up.

Found someone who said ” I am going on my lunch break, You should go across to the states right now, They are on for $40.00″

I could not believe it… I was in shock that they even said that, I wonder how long Wal-Mart Canada will have that “macy’s” appeal to go somewhere else…lol not even a mention of what store either… So needless to more Wal-mart for me… I wonder if they knew what the staff said would they agree?? I am kinda wondering what store though :)

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    Joe says...

    1. Sales people have the right to take their lunches and breaks at their assigned times. The world doesn’t stop because one person demands help right this instant. Some retailers force staff to take them at certain times, and, if they go late, the time is lost and cannot be extended. It doesn’t matter if a housewife on this board says that’s illegal, it happens to retail workers all the time.

    2. Maybe the person was trying to help you and tell you where you could buy it for less? Jeez…try to help someone with a small child save a little money, and she rants and complains. But if it was a cashier who didn’t tell you about a SCOP opportunity, then you’d complain about that. And it was obvious they were referring to the U.S. Wal-Mart store.

    3. You said you had “no choice but to go to Wal-mart” but then said “no more Wal-Mart for me”….so you are going to risk your child’s life with no car seat?

    More pointless ranting.

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    Alex says...

    Walmart doesn’t really care, nor do they compensate their employee’s enough to care.

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    Andrea says...

    Please don’t buy a carseat in the states. They are not allowed in Canada

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