Walmart Portrait Studio, Winnipeg

By casey1

I had an appointment this morning at the walmart portrait studio St.vital location in Wpg, to have my sons pics taken. I originally booked the appt. on tues. at that time I informed them I was just there 3 wks ago. (with DD) & I wanted the $7.99 one pose package again. Then i called wed. to see if I could change my appt. time. spoke with another girl. She too asked me who was in the pic, when I was there last & if I had anything in mind. I told her same info, 3wks, son’s pic & one pose package. Get there this morning. Before we start our session asked again, last time here, etc. this is now 3 people I told I wanted the $7.99 one pose package & I was just there with my daughter 3 weeks ago. We do the session. Ended up getting 2 pics to choose from as son was a bit unruly & some pics were blurry. I pick a pose & again mention I wasnt the one pose package for $7.99. She tells me i can’t have it. What??? Why not??? Well because I was there 3 weeks ago & had it with my daughter. I then ask her why no one mentioned this to me before the session knowing full well I told all 3 of them that I was there 3 weeks ago & I wanted the $7.99 package. She tells me they aren’t supposed to mention the package over the phone. I then say I was the one who mentioned it & why she never said anything when I told her to her face before the session. She then says I have to pay $10 per sheet. I ask to speak to the manager & she informs me shes the manager & that only one $7.99 package per flyer. I ask her if there is anything she as the manager can do for me as I drove in from out of town, obviously put my son thru an ordeal & informed 3 people of what i wanted & when i was there last. She tells me “no, the computer won’t let me do it” “it’s a new system” unreal. I say this is B.S. & ask for HO #. I call HO explain the situation & get put on hold. CS called the store & the manager tells CS she was going to give me the $7.99 deal but i was irate & she will not do so. WHAT??? Why would I get irate if she was going to give it to me. What a bold face liar. The situation is being handed off to the district manager. If I was informed of the 30 day thing I could have easily waited another week. I even asked her if she could hold the pics for another week & she said “yes, but at $10 per sheet” I can’t believe the poor service & the total lie. If I wanted to pay $50 for a few sheets of pics I’d go somewhere where the quality is much better. The manager’s name is Patty or something close to that.

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    amy says...

    OMG! That is horrible I can’t beleive she would flat out lie to your face. I hope you get this solved they definatly owe you some kinda compensation.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    What do you except if you shop at Walmart?

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    Ron Simmons says...

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    Alex says...

    Is it possible to poor pay and working conditions don’t encourage the ‘associates’ to care about the business and its customers?

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    JJ says...

    Ron Simmons- I expect customer service and for workers to honour their word, regardless of the store so your comment is completely ridiculous.

    I hope they honour the price several workers told you and the matter gets resolved :)

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    Ron Simmons says...

    I don’t think anyone going to Walmart expects customer service.

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    john j says...

    i worked for walmart for 5 years, in ontario, walmart cares nothing about its employees or customers, to them you are just dollar signs, no more no less

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    M Moronio says...

    I have had nothing but terrible service and product at Walmart so quit going there ages ago. I believe they are an arm of the Chinese government and are attempting to undermine us and sap our resolve.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    @ M Moronio

    No need for racist comments.

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    Sandie says...

    I think anyone that shops at Wal Mart goes there for 1 reason and 1 reason only CHEAP prices. NOT for customer service. The Wal Mart location that I shop at employes people with heavy accents that are really hard to understand, the cashiers move seriously slow and don’t know how to pack a bag to save their life, and if you ask any employee where something is located … good luck you would be better off walking up and down each isle to find it for yourself. So for me to complain about lack of customer service would be futile as there is none. I go there to save money period. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT racist just stating the fact that my location employes people with accents I did not mean that in any derogitory way.

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    redder says...

    @Ron Simmons: How is that racist in the least? If he said he thought it was a branch of the US government would that be racist? If your answer is no than you sir are the racist. Try seeing everybody as one once in awhile

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    J. says...

    Go to the Superstore portrait studio on St. Anne’s Rd next time, they are amazing! (and cheaper!) 204-258-2446

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    NoName says...

    I just found this. I work at a WM Portrait Studio.. It’s all about numbers to them.

    Now, I’m grateful to even have a job, but I can’t stand working there. I’m not the best “sales” person in the world, but I am a people person. Everything is about sales there, not about quality products. Yes, they do train us how to take nice pictures, but it’s all about the money.

    The way things are worded when selling products is very shady. I can’t bring myself to manipulate people like that. Basically, immediately tell someone the highest price, and convince them they need that product. Don’t mention lower priced products unless they ask.

    And yeah, even though the $7.99 package is advertised all over, we’re told to not even try to sell it, unless the customer asks for it.

    I can say no more, as I don’t want to get fired. Although, I probably will anyway, because my “numbers” aren’t good enough.

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    rachel says...

    Did you demand the district managers number if you complain loud enough the will throw free stuff at you also as a soon to be ex employee for coming back from maternity leave to find that they are not accommodating to nursing mothers I’m gonna say just keep demanding there next persons supervisor if it gets to the vice Prez they tend to do what ever you want

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    Andrea says...

    I go to St Vital Walmart every month for my little girls pictures. I agree that to walmart it may be all about numbers, and dont like the little “fine print” when it coems to getting the advertisted deals. However, the girl who always does my daughters pictures is amazing! Her name is Anna. She takes the time to make sure my daughter is happy and smiling throughout her session. I was worried today, because my daughter was not so happy at her appointment time (she was so tired), and Anna suggested that we walk around for awhile so that she could nap, and come back later when she was feeling happier! (Even though it meant she would have to work late). Anna got some great shots, and its so hard just to pick one pose when she does the pictures! Also, you can get some great deals if you pay attention to the emails they send out! Got our family portraits done for free today, and yes, that included 3 sheets of free prints!

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