Canadian Tire Service Department

By Anne

I have also had trouble with the service department at Canadian Tire, my car wasn’t working (it was still on the driveway) so I called tow it to the Richmond Hill Store for repairs. After paying $600 Plus for repairs, I went out to start the car and found it still didn’t even turn over let alone start. I went to the service manager and complained he sent a mechanic????? to start the car. After several minutes it started, I asked if it would start again without trouble as I had other errands to run with my young son. He laughed and said “we can only hope so”. I went home without running my errands as I didn’t trust the car to start again. My husband was furious and we demanded and GOT all of our money back, but C.T. still thought it was a joke-well the joke is on them as we tell everyone that we know never to take their cars there.

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    Ana says...

    If you are in Richmond hill, there is a mechanic on red maple rd and 16th called performance automotive, which is quite close to the Canadian tire in Richmond hill. He is very friendly and his prices are quite fair and on top of it you’re helping a small business. If he can’t help you, that street is full of mechanics and I’m sure anyone would be able to help you and provide excellent customer service. It’t unfortunate that you received this terrible customer service and I hope you fight for your money back. :)

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    robert says...

    I would never take a car to have it repaired by anyone that makes money on the parts they can sell you. if i was interested in replacing all the parts till it was fixed, i’d just buy a new car. they often don’t do the repairs that are paid for it appears. the last time i was in there for them to locate a leak in the cooling system in my car… i paid for a pressure test, that wasn’t done…. they found a hose clamp that needed to be replaced.

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