Rude Behaviour at Canadian Tire

By Winsome Phillips

On March 17th, 2011 my sister and I visited the store at Rylander Blvd in Toronto at approximately 5.30p.m. She had taken in her SUV lexus for repair, and was treated with such desrespect by some of the employees. There was a young man who was assisting another customer, so another indian young man came to the counter and I asked him if he could help he said it’s not his area, I jokingly said I will train you and he responded very politely, the one who was helping the customer into a loud outburst, telling him to go back over get away from here. My sister, my husband and I told him he shouldn’t speak to the staff like that, his respond to us very rude telling us to shut up he wasn’t tallking to us, we insisted he was rude at the same time another one came from the shop and asked what was the matter, we asked to speak to a manager, but he insisted on finding out what was the matter he said we won’t be speaking with one but we should get out of his shop. We went to the same young man who was insulted earlier to ask for a manager, but another young man (white) came and ask what was wrong and begin to take us to who was suppose to be manager, at the same time the one from back came through the shop shouting that he should not talk to us but that we should leave the shop immediately. The young man push him through the door where he was working and tell him to be quiet and he shouldn’t be speaking like that. The supposedly manager who was on duty was sitting in his office throughout all this so when we approach him he just listened and responded that he didn’t hear anything the only person he heard was me. I then realize that Canadian Tire has no leadership and that it was individually owned by these two black men and this so called manager Mike. I asked him for the number of a manager he gave me the name of a lady who I could speak with the following morning. We left without the vehicle being looked at. My sister had an encounter with Mike before when she took her maxina there for repair and a peice of tool was left in car engine accidentally, when she took the car back and voiced her dissatisfaction that same Mike again was very rude asked her if she ever owned a new car before. I have being a regular customer at that location along with all my other sisters, but will never go back there. I honestly thought Canadian Tire has it all together never knew it was privately run by these undesirablles. Shame on Canadian Tire to have such staff respresenting your company, a small shop would not have their staff speak to a customer like that. If  you so desire I will submit to you our names and vehicle to see how many times we have been there and even send customers there.

16 Responses to “Rude Behaviour at Canadian Tire”

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    Georgette says...

    All I really got from this was some sort of awkward form of racism.

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    mop1342 says...

    Yes, I really do not understand why it had to be mentioned at all that the store was owned by “these two black men”. What does the colour of the owners have to do with this story?

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    dawn says...

    well for one if you drive a Lexus why would you take it to CT . as for the rest the others said it all

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    Annoyed says...

    I agree, I think you are very racist, and I’m guessing you are of Indian descent, as the “nice indian boy” is the only one you speak positively of. Honestly, drive your Lexus back to India and stop complaining.

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    Big Bob says...

    The only thing your story is missing is Asian guys doing math and the black guys eating watermelon and fried chicken. You disgust me.

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    DEEDS says...

    daaayyyummm…y’all doin some e-bullyin.

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    Courteneyq says...

    After I read this Review several times, it’s clear that this person is indeed racist. Although I do not condone the brash comments posted above, I believe they all have a point. It is 2011, we need to move past skin colour and stereotypes and focus on the person underneath.

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    tudorchick says...

    yeah.definitely racist.couldn’t even really understand your complaint,all i read was “indian,white,black”.

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    Joe Blow says...

    Big Bob says it all!

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    Zay says...

    Yes Big Bob is right. Shame on you.

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    Stahr says...

    “I then realize that Canadian Tire has no leadership and that it was individually owned by these two black men and this so called manager Mike.”

    I don’t get it….

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    Andy says says...

    In my opinion Candian Tire should change there name to China Tire because nothing there to be a Candian product. We are the loosers buying China and soon our job will gone forever….

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    Lenora Lavista says...

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    Craig says...

    Had the same problem at that location, the manager should be fired.

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    AJ says...

    Whats new crappy tire crappy service

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    Roger says...

    Totally incoherent complaint. I have no idea what they were complaining about besides the racist comments. By the way, Canadian Tire stores are owned by an individual so the ‘two black guy’ comment is false.
    I have had several positive experiences with this shop. The people actually care and make sure they help you the best they can.
    There are no shops out there that are perfect.

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