Jeans by George

By Lucy

Style # GCF0721NLP ladies 10Px29L the button and zipper are on the wrong side for women…all other brands you zipper with right hand and button not with left hand…this is very awkward if you are not left handed…I think they should be in the men’s dept….thought you should know.


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    Jen says...

    I own “women’s” pants that zipper and button on the left-hand side. It’s not abnormal at all (in regards to the “all other brands” comment).

    I’m sorry you find it awkward, but please remember not every female is right-handed and it’s just not right to expect every pants to be made for right-handed women.

    I am not left-handed, but I’m used to pants that zipper on the left because it is very common. You’ll get used to it after awhile, trust me! :)

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    MyBuddy says...

    The Gap makes several styles of women’s jeans like this. I think it is the “boyfriend” trend..thanks for the warning, though.
    I personally have never bought jeans without trying them on first.

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