Avoid Best Buy in Whitby

By ar

I bought a new clock radio with a built-in CD player. When I tried playing a CD the sound was very garbled, so I tried other Cd’s and the same thing happened. I returned it to the same store, but before i did I checked whether or not they had another of the same model. The shelf was empty, so I returned the clock saying that the sound was garbled. I recieved my money back. I stayed awhile to look at other items. I happened by the same clock radio display ten minutes later… THEY HAD RESTOCKED THE SHELF WITH THE SAME RETURNED CLOCK-RADIO !! (Buyer beware: Never buy a box that has been opened - it may be repackaged hardware, and could be broken - especially at that store !)

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    Nora says...

    i had the same problem with a GPS i bought my husband from scarborough, when i went home the charger was not for the GPS and when i went to return it at the same day they accused me of replacing the charger and would not return it. we were so mad bec i had to get stuck with the GPS that couldnt be used me being soo maddd after yelling and making a big sence i went to a diffrent bestbuy and returned it and just said i didnt want it… they didnt check it and i got my money back.. i was so happy that i returned it and was happy in a way ( in their face you guys got it back )… but lesson learned to check everything from there before i buy it and must be sealed….

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    A says...

    I used to work at that Best Buy store…in customer service. I can tell you firsthand that a lot of items customer’s returned, we were told to return as “new” when they had been opened. If they return it as “open box”, the store takes a 10% or more loss on that item. So they do whatever they can to return a lot of items as new instead of open box, to avoid taking a loss on the item.

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    MyBuddy says...

    That is terrible.
    Imagine if some crazy person did/put something dangerous to/on an item, then returned it.

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