RCSS Customer Service

By Jay

A week back I order some print from the RCSS website, they send you an email to confirm your oder, a couple days later my order was in (or so the e-mail said) and off I trotted to the store.

When I got the store (at 8am) the lady at the photo counter asked if they called me, I said no and said that I recieved an email stating my order was ready for pick up, she told me that doesnt mean anything, I asked her to take a look for my prints which she did snarkly

She asked me what I ordered and I told her I ordered the sale item prints, before I finished she cut me off and said she had “no idea what the sale photos were.”

Then she just stood there with a glare, I was prety upset with her atittude and upset my prints werent in, I tried to smile at her and said forget it

I almost walked over to customer service but stopped myself.

I THEN recieved a phonecall an hour later saying my order was ready ……WHAT?

Im pretty upset with the customer service lately from RCSS and I personally wont be sending my photos to there deparment any longer, wondering if anyone else has had similiar experiences


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    Ron Simmons says...

    I have had the same experiences at RCSS. Poor service, dirty stores, overall bad experience. I have not shopped there since.

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    MyBuddy says...

    Sounds like she either didn’t look properly, or was embarrassed that they forgot about your photos and rushed to finish them.

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    Rogers says...

    We just recently had an issue with their Optical dept (Oshawa location) & by the looks of things, we’ll be getting our stuff from Hakim Optical instead!

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Ive had this problem at other stores also.
    Personally, I really find walmart to be the best for printing pictures, and getting them on time

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    I.G. says...

    Superstore has good prices, but suck at customer service. They need lessons on what good customer service is as they generally have real poor people skills. The customer service desk is nothing but….what a misnomer.

    Our superstore is generally really clean, much better than walmart who piles product in the aisles.

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    Linda says...

    I enjoy shopping at the RCSS stores in Ontario (SW) but its true they do need more training in customer service. Not all agents are bad but more than 60% of them pitch attitude. I once made a BOGO purchase for a product and was overcharged. I went to cust. service and she was great but the supervisor was pathetic. The grocery clerk put the BOGO sign on the larger bottles of laundry detergent rather than smaller ones so everyone who walked in the doors saw the same thing and grabbed 2 bottles only to be overcharged at the checkout. My husband watched her take down the sign and hide it behind a counter and then come back and tell me there was no sign sorry. When he spoke up she insisted he put the sign there since he was spying on her. For real. I couldnt help but laugh at her. I made a complaint with Loblaws head office and reported her. I received a box with a new bottle and complimentary reusable grocery bag and $10 GC. Ok wasnt expecting that but pleasantly surprised. You dont have to take their attitude if you are in the right.

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    Bien says...

    A similar situation happened to me in Vancouver BC. Long story short, Superstore photo quality is crap anyway so I will be taking my business elsewhere. I did, however, get a full refund on my order after arguing for 30 minutes with the photo lab manager (and I got zero help from the photolab.ca customer service they’re totally useless).

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    Cynthia says...

    I had a horrible experience at the Superstore in Orleans, On. The Manager of the Photolab was a complete jerk, with such a bad attitude! Will not be giving them any further business.

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    CaperGoo says...

    I had the same experience at a Superstore in Nova Scotia. They called me last month and told me I had pictures, the ones they told me they couldn’t find two years ago. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t order any pictures from Superstore anymore, I go to Shoppers where I haven’t had any problems yet.

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    Junk Car Cash says...

    Keep up the good posts- great work.

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