Disappointed in George Line of Clothing from Walmart

By Cheryl

I’m very disappointed in your new line of clothes “george” the t shirts are so thin you can spit through them the Quality is crap you catter to the young people with your clothes line i usually wear a size 10 in order to wear the george line you have to be a size 2 and no bulges ive tried looking for clothes for my 86 year old mother and there is nothing for her even your emplyees admit there is nothing for the elderly seems from where i sit its our seniors that would have more money to spend then our teenagers more then once ive asked an emploee for help they are curtious say i will be right back to help you and you never see them again also for example my husband bought me slippers for christmas and the soles are already falling off i realize you dont really care you just make more money cause know i need to replace them.


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    jona says...

    simple solution to your problem Cheryl…. Shop elsewhere! You as a consumer have choice; use it. Until retailers start to show some real customer service and consistent quality products why should “we” the consumer show loyalty to one retailer.

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    luckycharms says...

    The complaints on here just get crazier and crazier. Why would anyone think the store is required to carry what they want? They’ve decided to stock what is right for their business…take it or leave it.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    That’s what you get when you shop at Walmart!

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    Melsprag says...

    Every Store is different, Walmarts sale of clothes is so that it matches your income.If you want quality you should shop for designer items.
    Zellers has a really nice Alfred Sung line.

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    glowworm2k says...

    Jona is right - vote with your wallet! Wal-mart and similar stores make money by selling goods at low prices, but in high volume. You may have to pay a little more somewhere else, but if it lasts longer, that’s money well-spent, at least in my book. If you’re looking for clothes at lower prices, you can always try the outlet big-box type stores that are springing up all over the place - the clearance racks are great for those (like me) on a tight budget!

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    MyBuddy says...

    Your mom might like Tabi or JaySet.

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    Zay says...

    Joe Fresh at RCSS is not bad.

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    Gazpache says...

    I’ve bought George clothes many times and have never had a problem and I’m a size 18. I’ve got some items that I bought 6 years ago that still look new. If you’re looking for designer go to Calvin Kline. If you’re looking for cheap and wearable.. go to walmart.

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    sharry says...

    well your total lack of grammar fits the profile of a walmart customer, so maybe you’d best look again!

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    tudorchick says...

    if you have nothing to contribute,other than insulting the reviewer,then best to not say anything at all.rude behavior is not encouraged here.

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    kerry says...

    The clothes look pretty cool in the commercials,I seen a jacket I liked and might buy.

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    Amanda says...

    I’m not a fan of Walmart, not at all. This being said, I bought maternity pants from them when I was broke and about to burst. My belly got so big I stopped fitting in my size 10 maternity pants that I paid a fortune for from Gap maternity and motherhood. So I spent my money at Walmart and they did the trick perfectly for a month….for a whopping 4 dollars. When I compare that price to what I paid at Motherhood…..if I get pregnant again I may shop at Walmart.

    Now I shop at walmart 2 x a year or less. I hate them, but mostly for bad customer service and ethical issues. I end up going there once or twice when I can’t find a product elsewhere like Borax, I can only find at Walmart in my city. If I see something I need on my annual borax run I pick it up. Walmart like the dollar store sells stuff that breaks…and while technically you can return it…they’re pretty stiff about returns, coupons, and complaints. I only buy from them when I have to. I would not under normal circumstances but clothing, shoes or electronics from them. That’s just me.

    I am a size 10, with a post baby belly issue and a very big fan of the comfort fit line at Reitmans. I wait until they have sales and stock up. I can get them for about 10 bucks each with special discounts on clearance. You should check it out if you have a muffin top.

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    honeydoo says...

    i find George pretty decent for low-priced garments. i find it fits quite on the larger side, too. at size 6 or so, i usually grab a Small/4 in George items. i have seen quite a lot of “elderly” items there too. maybe your store is just picked over/small?

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    joe says...

    Look at where your shopping and what you’re paying for it. In general nothing good comes from Walmart especially if you’re going for clothes

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    Walmart Employee says...

    Clearly you’re not shopping at the Walmart I work at. Before I worked there, I was always treated very nicely, and it’s the same now that I do.

    I’ve never had problems with any of the George line other than wearing 1 size up than my regular. And I’m not a “size 2″. I’m a size 11. I actually don’t mind the quality. I have items that last a few months, and items that last years. You get what you pay for.

    As for our return policies, it’s simple. Return within the allowed amount of time. (14 day for electronics, 30 for appliances, 90 for everything else unless specified.) AND HAVE THE RECEIPT. I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand about that.

    And coupons. One coupon per item unless the coupon says otherwise. And read them carefully, if it says “one per customer, per purchase” That means you can use one. Not 4. Not even if you have other items that work with the coupon. It clearly states no. And no stacking coupons. It’s like that EVERYWHERE. In fact, Zellers and Sobey’s are a LOT more strict on coupons.

    To anybody who thinks we’re being unreasonable when we deny your request, take a step back and think about what you’re asking us. Is it something we even do?

    rant over. Think about who’s being unreasonable next time you’re there. I think you might be surprised…

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    Eric says...

    I don’t recall the main brand they carried before George, but I really liked those. As for George, I’ve gotten a few items and have to say, they are comfortable and seem to last longer than any of the higher-end items I’ve purchased elsewhere.

    I guess it all boils down to YMMV. But when I need to grab a new shirt or some jeans, I just grab them from Wal-Mart. I have never, nor will I ever, pay more than $25-$30 on a pair of jeans.

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    WMassociate says...

    The main brands they carried before George became super popular, were 725 and B.U.M. Equipment. I bought clothes from WM that have lasted me years…sometimes you can tell when you try it on and feel the material whether it is good quality or not.
    Also, as previously mentioned, the return policy is actually quite good. 90 days with the receipt to return clothes if anything happens to them? That is a pretty good deal, unlike some retail stores.
    All in all, you just need to search for the good quality stuff sometimes. In my local store there are lots of different styles and types of clothing for both young and old.

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    Suzanne says...

    Well I was in WM and saw that George stocking and tights were much more resonably priced than the Bay so I though I would stock up.

    Big mistake - I haven’t put 1 pair of hose or tights on that didn’t pull away at the seam - only seam on these - the crotch area - in the first wearing of them.

    Size “B” Says they fit up to 5′7″ and 135 lbs? Ha Ha! I’m 5′3″ and 115 lbs and this is happening.

    Lesson learned - you get what you pay for! Back to the Bay/Sears I go !

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