Ignored at Walmart


Quite some time ago I went to Walmart intending to purchase a new watch.

There were three of us at the Jewelery counter looking at various items.

The clerk who was fairly young was busy talking to her girlfriend and after being ignored for quite some time the other two left and I finally left and purchased my watch from a very friendly and efficient clerk at Zellers.

It seems that some clerks are more interested in gabbing than serving customers.

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    Stahr says...

    I had a no service situation at Walmart as well. After deciding on a watch in a case, I went to the cash desk and waited. No one was there. Looked around the jewelery dept. for a few more minutes and went back to the counter. There was a woman standing there and I notices a Walmart tag on her hip. So I asked her if she worked there and she said no. While I understand that she may have been on her break, she could have picked up the phone at the cash desk to page a cashier. I then proceeded to customer service to have them page someone which they gladly did but lo and behold no one ever showed up!

    Perhaps Walmart is just to sure of themselves as they really do not have any competiton when it comes to the “Superstore”

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    Kat says...

    Wal-Mart is terrible for that!! Their customer service is great (for returns, exchanges, price matching etc) but when it comes to needing help on the floor, it’s basically hopeless. You can wander around forever looking for someone and when you finally do they tell you “I don’t know I’m not from that department” and alot of the time, they just walk away from me and tell me to look around the said department more because someone “should be there” it’s absurb to be honest. And even then, when you do get the clerk from that specific area, most of the time they are not knowledgeable at all and couldn’t care less about you they tell you straight up ” I don’t know” and don’t offer further assistance. oh well right, thats what you get for a big cheap franchise who hires young people for minmum wage under without any education or proper work etiquette (sorry, it’s true in alot of cases)

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    honker says...

    Wow, this exact thing happened to me also. GP, I hope you didn’t wait too long before leaving.

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    froogalism says...

    Unfortunately, customer service is a thing of the past. “Discount” retailers save money by paying minimum wage, hiring a very small number of floor staff, and sourcing everything from cheap labour countries like China. There is no “discount” - the cost of a “lower” priced item is paid for with poorly paid personnel, poor customer service (due to lack of staff and the lack of an incentive to do a good job), and paying someone in a country with minimal labour standards to make the item cheaper than if it were made domestically. In a very real sense, you get what you pay for.

    Lots of interesting alternative ideas for getting more with less and saving money can be found at froogalism.com. Check it out.

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    rclayton1 says...

    Last week I was in walmart with my sister, I gave the cashier my money for the purchase as she was talking away to the young male cashier/floor manager. I was a bit put off as she barely looked at us. I had asked her if she was able to make change from the loonies into some quarters- I gave her 5 dollars and she short changed me $2. I should have known better not to ask for change when someone is being distracted by another coworker.

    I was shocked by the attitude I got from the young male floor manager and the cashier about receiving my $2. They were whispering amounst themselves and even the lady behind us was frustrated with the situation. She did not address me other than to write my name and number on a paper- just in case her till has an overage at the end of the evening. She then proceeded with my sister’s order without another word. I cannot believe how rude it was. When I called the store to complain, they seemed amused I was “fusing over the $2″. Clearly again someone not paying attention to the customer- I was calling to complain about the snotty attitude we were given.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    That’s what you get when you shop at Walmart.

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    wow - just wow says...

    when you go to walmart - watch the prices that come up on the register and count the items - i bought ten cans of cat food and got charger for 11 - this happen 3 time in one year - it wasnt a accident its done on purpose- beware.

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