Outrageous Service from Sears

By Rene La Ferte

On April 18 had Sears technician come in for my micro-wave oven. Technician placed order with his Sears people. Part comes in beginning of June and on June 4th technician is at home to make the repairs…Unfortunately itis not the right piece of equipment to do the job. Someone made a ” booboo” somewhere either at Sears or at Panasonic. Re-ordering again I was promised a June 24 delivery. We are now July 6 and it is back order and at best July 17. What is it going to be next ? I have already sent two e-mails to the Panasonic cust service since I am told it is their fault for not having on the shelf the proper parts ans consequently super long deliveries & outrageous service affecting both your organizations. No more Panasonic or Sears for me & my family.Mr. Customer; Blainville., Qc; Canada.

2 Responses to “Outrageous Service from Sears”

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    LOL says...

    I think you should email to Lise Goulet, Corporate Vice President CS, her email is: lgoulet@sears.ca
    Good luck!

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    Liz Nash says...

    I have spent two months trying to get Sears to repair or replace a Panasonic Genius that pulls too much power (up to 17 amps) over 15 amp wiring. First service tech showed up 6 weeks later and insisted it was my wiring, so I have spent more than the cost of the microwave getting the wiring inspected and checked by two different electricians, and advice from an IEEE (electrical engineer) to the effect that it is only rated to run at 12.4 amps, and so is definitely defective. But when I phone Sears, I get either arguments from “technicians” that it is supposed to draw up to 20 amps (which is not in the specs) or they book a follow up call or appointment that never happens. So I have wasted two months, and am giving up. I will replace the microwave with a different brand from a different store, chuck this one in the landfill, and never shop at Sears again.

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