Surprise at Walmart

By Dusty Rose

Had a little surprise as I was entering Walmart today. I had a shoulder bag of shopping from another store, and was hoping to avoid the greeter who would want to put the sticker to my bag to seal it. As I came in she called me over and I sighed. She had a wadded up plastic bag that she offered to me to put my soaking wet umbrella in. What a pleasant surprise to come in from the pouring rain and have a small, but very kind gesture. I noticed the bag was printed as an “umbrella bag”. I made a point to thank the greeter again as I was leaving.

4 Responses to “Surprise at Walmart”

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    K says...

    Im glad that there are still good customer service out there somewhere swarming in all the bad service. Hope to see more of these gestures soon!

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    escher7 says...

    Maybe you were dreaming, or maybe they didn’t want you stealing things in your umbrella. Sorry - I guess it is possible they were just being nice.

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    A says...

    Wow - I wish my walmart did nice acts of kidness like that!

    With respect to the greeters and the damaging stickers….I am not shy to tell the greeters “That is vandalism!” while they are running after me calling “I need to put a sticker on your bag!”. There is no legal requirement for you bags to have a sticker on it (which does nothing to seal it), in fact walmart has no right to damage your stuff. Since I re-use my bags, I really do not want to have a green walmart sticker permanently adhered to my bag!

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    Alex says...

    Walmart is the greatest most giving retailer in the world. They would give you the shirt off their backs.

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